Interstate 90 Film in the works from Director Allan Wylie! Teaser Poster Reveal!

Interstate 90 Teaser Poster (Image Credit: Allan Wylie)

Interstate 90 Teaser Poster (Image Credit: Allan Wylie)

Fans of Allan Wylie’s independent short film The Charon Incident, will be thrilled to hear he has begun production on a new a feature length film called Interstate 90! Writer director Allan Wylie has teamed up with long-time creative partner Jason McFarling, a ten year industry veteran, to work on bringing this film to the screen. And they won’t be doing it alone.

Wylie will be entering Interstate 90 in the CineCoup Independent Film Competition, which boasts a $1 Million Dollar funding prize for the winning film, in addition to guaranteed theater premieres in Canada by November 2013 and international distribution to bring the film to theaters in US and UK. The competition is social media based, asking filmmakers to complete challenges through several phases of competition and asking fans to vote for which film projects they would like to see proceed. Needless to say, competition will be fierce and fan support will be crucial to any film’s success. So what is Wylie’s plan for making a winner out of Interstate 90? Generating curiosity and social media buzz before the competition has even begun seems to be part of the game plan.

Sitara Hewitt

Sitara Hewitt (Image Credit: Sam K Foto)

Few details have been released about the film. We know Interstate 90 will star Sitara Hewitt (Little Mosque on The Prairie) and will be an action road film centered around the theme of retribution, but not much else. Wylie has been tweeting for months now about working a projects in Toronto and the UK without revealing whether or not they are associated with the planned The Charon Incident sequel, the Interstate 90 project, or something completely unrelated.

In December, Wylie fueled speculation after tweeting about a photo shoot and attaching an image of Jessie Pavelka (The Charon Incident) having his makeup done with Hewitt. If that image, along with Wylie and Pavelka’s recent tweets which seem to imply they have been filming something in the past few weeks, are any indication it appears Pavelka may be associated with the film in some way. The extent of his involvement, which has neither been confirmed nor denied, probably will not be revealed until the official start of the contest in February 2013.

Sitara Hewitt, on the other hand, has been confirmed as one of the film’s stars and told us exclusively how excited she is to be part of  Interstate 90 film:

The creative team behind this is one who’s talent and integrity is outstanding.  This project is one with vision, excitement and guts. It’s an action flick with compelling characters and story line and it dares to be unique.  As an actress I appreciate how intelligent and strong the female characters are allowed to be- and the guys aren’t so bad either!
For more details on Interstate 90, follow the film on Twitter and stay tuned to the The Daily Quirk in the next few weeks for more news on Interstate 90, including additional details about the film and how you can support it in the CineCoup competition!
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