POLL: Who is your ideal Abby Abernathy from Beautiful Disaster?

POLL: Who is your ideal Abby Abernathy from Beautiful Disaster?
Beautiful Disaster (Image Credit: Jamie McGuire) / Brittany Snow, Leighton Meester, Britt Robertson (Image Credit: Crestock)

Jamie McGuire’s Beautiful Disaster is told from the point of view of Abby Abernathy, a college student trying to start over in a prim and proper lifestyle when she meets bad boy Travis Maddox- who throws her for a complete loop to say the least! Readers know Abby must be attractive if she caught Travis’ eye and she’s the kind of girl who looks just as great with no makeup, her hair tied up, and wearing old sweats as she does when she’s all dressed up. We also know she has caramel colored hair and grey eyes, but not much else, leading to heated debate among readers over which actress would be best for the role in the upcoming Beautiful Disaster film. The Daily Quirk wants to know who you think would make the ideal Abby in our latest Beautiful Disaster Poll!

The Poll is now Closed. Thank you for voting!

Please note, this poll is for entertainment purposes only and is in no way associated with Jamie McGuire, Atria Books, or Warner Bros Entertainment. One vote per individual. Poll ends 5/06/13.

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20 thoughts on “POLL: Who is your ideal Abby Abernathy from Beautiful Disaster?

  1. As majority of the comments, I agree that Melissa Benoist is perfect for the role. She has Abby Abernathy written all over her. Just wish that Jamie Mcguire could see this

  2. I really think that Willa Holland would be the perfect Abby… I mean, she have the look, she’s already acting with Colton Haynes (Perfect Travis!) and she just does excellent!

  3. I believe that none of this actresses is best for Abby she looks so beautiful in my imagination and I couldn’t find no one as good as Abby. But I believe that maybe Jessica Green can play Abby. (sorry for my English if I did something wrong , I am from Greece)

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