Why Ten Inch Hero is one of the best Indie Movies you haven’t seen!

Jensen Ackles, Danneel Ackles, and Clea DuVall in TEN INCH HERO

Jensen Ackles, Danneel Ackles, and Clea DuVall in TEN INCH HERO (Image Credit: Front Row Filmed Entertainment )

When I hear the term, “indie,” I think of one person with a camera in the middle of a farm or the woods making a movie with no name actors.  Ten Inch Hero (released on DVD in 2009) is not that type of indie movie.  You have certainly heard of many of the actors and there are no farms or woods involved. Instead, Ten Inch Hero is a romantic comedy that will make you laugh, cry, and laugh some more. 

I first heard about Ten Inch Hero from a friend on Twitter.  We are both fans of the television show Supernatural. As soon as she told me that Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester of Supernatural) was in this movie,  I was sold.  I knew I had to watch it. The film also features some other actors whose work I have been a long time fan of such as Sean Patrick Flannery from my favorite movie The Boondock Saints, and two girls from my other favorite television show, One Tree Hill,  Danneel Harris Ackles, who played Rachel Gatina, and Elisabeth Harnois, who played Shelley Simon, on the show. In addition to the actors, the film’s setting, Santa Cruz, California, definitely drew me in since I love beaches and warm weather!

Ten Inch Hero

TEN INCH HERO (Image Credit: Front Row Filmed Entertainment )

The film revolves around five main characters, Trucker (John Doe), Tish (Danneel Harris Ackles), Jen (Clea Duvall), Priestly (Jensen Ackles) and Piper (Elisabeth Harnois), and their trials and tribulations while working at a sandwich shop called “Beach City Grill.”

At the film’s start, Piper is an artist, who just moved to Santa Cruz looking for the daughter she gave up for adoption eight years ago.  In need of a job, she winds up at Beach City Grill. After a very unorthodox interview, she begins working with the four other characters

Trucker owns Beach City Grill. He pretends to be a hippie, but over the course of the film you find out why and will come to realize he is really a down-to-earth and laid back guy.

Tish is very high maintenance when it comes to men.  She manipulates them to her advantage.

Jen is quiet, introverted, sweet, and caring to others.  She started talking to a guy online a year ago and plans to meet him.

Priestly is a punk rocker with a mohawk that is a different color every day.  He is sarcastic, humorous, and wears his heart on his sleeve.  I am biased because I love anything that Jensen Ackles is in.

Jensen Ackles in TEN INCH HERO

Jensen Ackles in TEN INCH HERO (Image Credit: Front Row Filmed Entertainment )

The five of them get along very well, with a few inside jokes thrown in.  It’s like they are a family each with their own story to tell. By the end of the film, you will fall in love with all of these characters and will be rooting for them as they help each other to find love and happiness.

I really think you should check this movie out.  It’s got romance, comedy, some drama, and fine acting.  Have the tissues ready because there are some tear-jerker moments.  Just watch it and decide for yourself.

Also a little fun fact: Jensen Ackles and Danneel Harris Ackles are married in real life.  They met on the Ten Inch Hero movie set for the first time.  I guess it was love at first sight.  They are now expecting their first child in summer 2013.


Liz Forward

2 thoughts on “Why Ten Inch Hero is one of the best Indie Movies you haven’t seen!

  1. crazykait says:

    Ten Inch Hero is one of my all-time favorite movies. Like you, I am a huge fan of both supernatural and one tree hill. This movie was great. I loved it, and it made it all the better that Priestly and Tish were together in real life. I always love hearing that other people love it!!

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