Steven Yeun as Glenn in THE WALKING DEAD

The Walking Dead: Episode 310 ‘Home’ Recap

Steven Yeun as Glenn in THE WALKING DEAD

Steven Yeun as Glenn in THE WALKING DEAD (Image Credit: Gene Page/AMC)

All fight and no play makes the Rickinator go crazy!  Our poor Georgian hero has gone off the deep end after seeing Lori watch over him and his group at the end of the last episode.  His delusions continue throughout the grounds of the prison as he chases her ghost in hopes of figuring out why she’s haunting him.  Apparently, it made the newcomers rush off because we did not see not hide nor hair of them in this week’s episode.

However, we did see the psychopath Governor who lied to Andrea (dumb woman) about his intentions for the prison group.  What is wrong with Andrea?  Judging by the preview of next week, she may actually come back to her senses, but for now she’s annoying me.

Darryl and Merle’s relationship develops and reveals an ugly past, which makes complete sense as to why Darryl and Carol bonded easily – both were victims of abuse.  When Darryl realizes how much of a better person he is than his brother, he finally takes a stand and decides he’s going back to the prison with or without Merle.

Back at the “ranch” Glenn has such pent-up rage over the Governor and what was done to Maggie at Woodbury that he can’t make a smart decision to save his or anyone else’s life.  Hershel tries to talk to him but Glenn is a young angry male and storms off in a truck to go check out the weak points of the prison where walkers are invading the tombs.

While he’s gone, the Governor and his posse arrive and kill Axel (who had slowly become loveable) in an attempt to ruin the prisoners feeling of safety.  He unleashes a truckload of walkers inside their fences and takes shots at everyone, including children, before bolting to allow the zombies to take their toll.

Luckily, Merle and Darryl show up just in time to save Rick while the others inside the fences manage to get to safety on their own.  Crap has just hit the fan!  War has been waged and we’ll see who strikes next but things are just beginning to blow up.

I’ll be watching The Walking Dead next Sunday, so check back for another recap and commentary.

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