Fitting in Exercise

Fitting that Extra Exercise into Your Schedule!

Fitting in Exercise

Fitting in Exercise (Image Credit: Lululemon Athletica)

With the beginning of 2013 just seeming to fly by, I am sure that everyone will be as busy as I am at the moment. It feels as though the to-do list is never ending, the minute something is crossed off, another one is added! With this in mind, I thought it would a good time to share some tips on how to squeeze little extra exercise into your day. After all, leading an active lifestyle can only help us have the stamina for our busy schedules!

Obviously the best way to keep fit is to make sure that you raise your heart rate for about half an hour, five times a week. However, some days we just don’t have time to do a proper workout, but instead of resigning yourself to not being active, find small ways to add in a little more movement.

Take the Stairs

Take the Stairs (Image Credit: Ludovic Bertron)

Here are a few of my favourite ways to move your body and work your muscles a bit more in the day, without it feeling like it’s taking up your time.

1. One of my favourite tips is what I call the ad-break exercise. It’s really simple – when you are watching TV and the adverts come on you just pick an exercise and you do it for the duration of the break. It might not add up to much more than 5-10 minutes but it’s still that little bit extra. Choose easy exercises like crunches, push-ups, squats or any other simple moves that you can do without equipment,

2. Another simple tip is to take the stairs. That sounds incredibly mundane but walking up and down a couple of flights of stairs is actually pretty good exercise as you use a lot of the muscles in your lower body. Throughout the day whenever you are presented with the option of taking the elevator or the stairs, pick the latter and get climbing!

3. Something really quick and easy that you can do when you’re out shopping is to clench and unclench your abs and your glutes whilst you’re waiting in any queues. It might feel a little strange but it’s great for core strength. Just remember to carry on breathing throughout or your might get a little dizzy.

Girl on Bike

Girl on Bike (Image Credit: Daniel Foster)

4. Along with number 3, make an effort to keep your back straight and your abs in as you go about your day. We have a habit of slouching and “letting it all hang out” when we’re doing things and thinking of other things, correcting your posture will also help your core stability and it’s much better for your spine.

5. Walk more, take your bike, stand up rather than sit down. Whenever you can make the choice to be active instead of driving or being sedentary, take it! It all adds up to making you more active in your life.

So there you have my tips for leading a more active life, without the added exercise encroaching on your lifestyle. None of us really has any excuse for doing no exercise at all, even if you can’t make it to the gym or play sport, you can always make daily use of these tips. Every little helps!



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