Skin Myths

The Truth About Common Skin Care Myths

Skin Myths

Skin Myths (Image Credit: Jean Scheijen)

Do you know the difference between skincare facts and fiction? It’s easy to be fooled by common skin care myths, especially the ones that sound like they make sense if you don’t know better. Old wives tales and word of mouth can lead you down a path of sun damage, break outs, and wasted dollars if you don’t take the time to research the claims. I rounded up the five most of the commonly mistaken skin care myths to get you started on your way towards healthier and happier skin. Read on for the truth about common skin care myths…

Myth: The more you scrub your face with soap, the cleaner and pimple free it will be.

The Reality: I have scrubbed my face a lot. I would take a rag and get to work, and scrubbed until it would hurt. I figured the harder I scrubbed, the better it would work. My skin would always feel soft afterwards. So, I believed the scrubbing was working, until my face started to itch and I was red everywhere. It looked as if I had a sunburn, without going tanning. So, why did this happen? The harsh scrubbing can take away the natural oils and barriers on your face. Scrubbing away those oils can result in rashes and even burns. That’s why my face felt and looked sunburned after aggravating it. Instead of scrubbing away, use a gentle cleanser.

Myth: The more expensive the skin care product, the better it works. 

The Reality: It has to be true or why else would they be so much money, right? Nope. You usually get the same active ingredients in cheaper products as you do in the more expensive ones. Personally, with someone who has sensitive skin, I have been to about three different dermatologists. For acne and dry skin, all three dermatologists recommend Cetaphil which ranges from about $8-$15 per bottle for face wash and face lotion. Cetaphil is a cheap and gentle formula. My skin has less breakouts and redness compared to when I use other products which contain harsher ingredients.

Myth: You can skip sunscreen on cloudy days. 

The Reality: The clouds block the sun, so why wear sunscreen? Right? This is actually wrong. Clouds are no match for the sun’s UV Rays, which can burn your hair, skin and eyes if not properly protected. My father would always tell us we could get a sunburn even if the clouds lingered for awhile. This is probably why I squint while outside, even if it not a clear sunny day. Always wear sunscreen and reapply. It is also important to reapply your sunscreen every few hours, especially after sweating or swimming. While researching this information, I learned the fact to another myth I believed made sense; and I am sure I am not alone in this one.

Myth: If my makeup has SPF in it, I can skip my sunscreen routine.

The Reality: Another myth that sounds logical… but is actually false. You would have to put on about 15 times the amount of makeup then you normally would in order to reach the SPF that the makeup says it contains. To wrap this up, just like the other article, always wear your sunscreen and then apply your makeup.

Myth: Popping a pimple will help it clear up sooner. 

The Reality: I am so guilty of believing this and popping. What is the harm in that? Well, popping the pimple can actually cause the puss to go deeper into the pore, causing more inflammation to the skin. Then you can get another pimple close to the you just popped. This happens to be all the time. I am almost addicted to popping my pimples, because I just want them gone. Then I get frustrated when I see more days later. Popping pimples can also lead to nasty scarring and no one wants that.


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