Lauren Watson

An Interview with ‘Fifty Shades’ and ‘Beautiful Disaster’ Fan Cast Favorite Lauren Watson

Lauren Watson

Lauren Watson (Image Credit: Lauren Watson)

In the past year, Australian born actress Lauren Watson has quickly become a fan cast favorite for roles in not one, but two hotly anticipated book to movie adaptations, “Ana” in Fifty Shades of Grey and “Abby” or “America” in Beautiful Disaster, a pretty impressive achievement for a young independent actress. We first interviewed Watson last year (read the interview here) when an internet campaign started by fans supporting her for the role of “Ana” was brought to our attention. Multiple news outlets picked up on the buzz about the beautiful young actress that had the internet in a frenzy and things really began to heat up when it became clear she would take second place (first place went to seasoned actress Alexis Bledel) in our highly publicized “Who Should Play Anastasia Steele?” Poll (now closed).

The support did not stop there as fans quickly realized Watson makes just as convincing a blonde as she does a brunette. That combined with her talents as an actress got fans thinking she would be a great choice for another much hyped book to movie adaptation, Beautiful Disaster. Although fans seem split on whether she would make a better “Abby” or “America” they can agree that they would love to see her in the film.

I recently got the chance to catch up with Watson to talk Fifty Shades, Beautiful Disaster, and what it’s like having such incredible fan support. Read on for the interview…

Lauren Watson

Lauren Watson (Image Credit: Lauren Watson)

The Daily Quirk: Hi Lauren, it’s great to be chatting with your again. Can you share with our readers what’s new with you since the last time we spoke?

Lauren Watson: Nothing really! Haha, how boring! I’m still working on my short films, I made a trip back to Australia to visit friends and family, had a couple of auditions but nothing too exciting to report in terms of the film industry… I’ve got big plans for this year though!

TDQ: That sounds like a lot more than nothing! Since then you have come in second to Alexis Bledel in our Anastasia Steele Poll in front of many well-established actresses. Were you surprised by the amount of fan support you received?

LW: Yes, of course! It’s mind-blowing.

TDQ: Is there anything you would like to say to all the fans who so ardently support you as Ana?

Thank you, thank you and thank you! I am so grateful to each and every single one of them for their support.

TDQ: Since you’ve expressed interest in the role of Anastasia Steele, the internet has been abuzz with stories mentioning you for the role and Ryan Seacrest even mentioned you on his radio show in regard to the part. What has it been like getting so much press attention?

LW: It’s really cool, especially at this point in my career. I think it’s so funny because I feel like I’m not really doing anything and then I see another article. It’s just crazy, but I love it haha.

TDQ: Are you still interested in the role of Anastasia Steele and if so, how do you feel about the possibility of Fifty Shades of Grey being an NC-17 film?

LW: I’d still be interested in the role if it came my way. Yeah, I’m not too worried about what the rating of them film is! I’ve read the books, so the rating won’t surprise me whatever it ends up being.

TDQ: What scene from the book do you think would be the most fun to film?

LW: I think the elevator scene would be pretty fun and I still like the scene where Christian and Ana first meet. I can’t really pick, and honestly, I just love acting so it wouldn’t matter to me which exact scene we were doing, it would all be pretty amazing!

TDQ: Can you give us any hint as to whether you’ve been in contact with the production team?

LW: I haven’t. Not personally… 🙂

TDQ: It appears Anastasia Steele isn’t the only role fans would love to see you in! Are you aware fans are also saying they would like to see you as Abby or America in the upcoming Beautiful Disaster Film?

LW: Yes, I am aware! There is a Facebook page called “Beautiful Disaster Page”. They introduced me to the book and they also posted the initial photos of me on the page to gauge the reactions of the public. It’s so awesome to have these incredible fans out there that are reading these books and thinking of me for characters! It’s truly amazing!

TDQ: Have you read Beautiful Disaster?

LW: Yes, I have. I have to be on top of these things haha.

TDQ: Would you be interested in either role?

LW: Yes, of course! As much as I like the idea of being the protagonist, I think I would prefer to play America. She would be a fun character to portray!

Lauren Watson

Lauren Watson (Image Credit: Kenneth Kwok)

TDQ: In real life, do you think you’re more of an Abby or America?

LW: In real life, hmmm. I think I’m a bit of a mix. When we meet Abby, she doesn’t drink or smoke and she wears modest clothes. Generally, she’s a good girl. That’s like me. But that’s about where our similarities stop. Then I’m more like America. I am very protective of my friends and family and I can get pretty feisty when a person does something to hurt someone I care about.

TDQ: Besides the roles of Anastasia, Abby, and America, are there any dream roles (book based of otherwise) that you would love to take on in the future?

LW: I don’t have any specific roles or books in mind, but I want to do comedies. That’s what I love. Of course, I would love to try out all different roles, but comedy is where my true passion is. So, anything that gave me the opportunity to play in that genre would be a dream come true!

TDQ: Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

LW: Again, just thank you so much for all the support, encouragement and all the time that gets put into talking with me on various multimedia, making photo collages and spreading the word. It’s absolutely mind-blowing!

We would like to thank Lauren for chatting with us once again! You can learn more about Lauren Watson by visiting her IMDb Page, “Liking” her Official Facebook Fanpage and the page that supports Lauren Watson for the role of Anastasia Steele, or by following her on Twitter.

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One thought on “An Interview with ‘Fifty Shades’ and ‘Beautiful Disaster’ Fan Cast Favorite Lauren Watson

  1. Lauren Paige says:

    No, she doesn’t look like Anastasia Steele. Blue eyes yes, but Ana is dainty and has delicate features and big eyes. I saw she didn’t do well in Ana polls after that one mentioned in the article/interview. I cant comment on Abby because I haven’t read that book yet but since she prefers that character then perhaps she’s a better fit for that one anyway.

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