Taylor Swift

5 Reasons… You Should be a Taylor Swift Fan!

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift (Image Credit: Eva Rinaldi)

Taylor Swift.  Taylor Swift.  Taylor Swift.  Her name resounds everywhere (i.e.  Radio, TV, and Internet).   If you do not know who she is by now, I feel sorry for you, and if you are sick of hearing about her, blame the media not the singer.  Lately, there has been a lot of social media anger towards my girl, Taylor, but I plan on giving you five reasons you should not buy into the internet drama and instead become a Taylor Swift fan.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift (Image Credit: Taylor Swift Instagram)

Her personality

As a fan of Taylor, I admire her because she takes risks, stays true to herself, and is a brave, quirky, and humble person. She loves cats, antique shopping, hanging out with friends, singing and dancing to her favorite songs (i.e. at the 2013 Grammy Awards, she did just that), and watching crime shows. While most people are superstitious about the number 13, she embraces it as her favorite number and she is not afraid to be herself.  She is quiet about her personal life (aside from what she shares in her songs) and I love that about her.  Even though she is in the spotlight, she still has her dignity intact.  In her own words, she’s “happy, free, confused, and lonely at the same time.”

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift (Image Credit: Eva Rinaldi)

Her music

Taylor’s songs are played on the radio all the time.  However, you should really listen to the rest of the songs on her albums.  It is literally her diary in music form, each song tells a story.  She never reveals who her songs are about because she wants the fans to be able to relate the songs to their own lives.  According to Taylor, the fans would miss the point of the song if they tried to guess which person in her life the song was about.  I can agree and definitely find most of her songs relatable.  Her songs are catchy, well-written, and lyrically brilliant.   If I am having a bad day or in the mood for an upbeat song, I listen to one of her albums.  I instantly feel better.

Her charitable works

Taylor is active in many different charities: Red Cross, The Make-A-Wish-Foundation, Scholastic News, St. Jude Medical Center and Habitat for Humanity. In the past, she’s donated $75,000 to flood victims and $4 million to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum in Nashville, TN.  She’s donated 2,000 books to Reading Hospital’s Early Literacy Program and 14,000 books to Nashville Public Library, as well. Taylor also gives of her time, reaching out to  cancer-stricken fans.  For example, Kevin McGuire, an 18 year old with leukemia, asked Taylor to his prom.  Sadly, she could not make it, but she offered to take him the 2012 ACM Awards.  He was unable to attend, but her offer for a future date still stands.  More recently, Taylor went on a two-hour lunch date with Kayla Kincannon, a 17 year old fan with brain cancer.

Andrea Finlay and Taylor Swift

Andrea Finlay and Taylor Swift (Image Credit: Taylor Swift Twitter)

Her family

When Taylor was 11 years old, her parents made the brave decision to move from Wyomissing, Pennsylvania to Nashville, Tennessee, the capitol of country music to give her a better shot at becoming a singer. They believed that their daughter had enough talent and wanted her to succeed in the music business. Boy, were they right. It’s obvious Taylor appreciates what her family has done for her, writing songs to thank them and tell the world how wonderful they have been and including them in all the perks that come with her career. Taylor brings her mother with her while traveling for interviews, performances, and tours; and takes her mother and brother with her to attend awards shows and events (dad must be camera shy). Taylor’s appreciation of her family makes her even more endearing.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift (Image Credit: Paolo Villanueva)

Her fans

On Twitter, Taylor has 24, 321, 645 followers.  Her fans (including myself) call themselves “Swifties.”  We buy/listen to her music, we read articles about her, we watch live performances, we attend her concerts, and we provide a sense of community to anyone who wants to support Taylor along with us.  And Taylor gives us a good reason to do so! She’s always willing to take pictures with fans and sign autographs, and has be known to go right up to her fans and hug them on the spot. She is genuinely thankful for all the fans that support her and that just make us love her more!

Those are my five reasons you should be a Taylor Swift fan.  I have plenty more where they came from, but this article would be 20 pages long then.  I hope you will take the time to read my reasons for loving Taylor and give her a chance.  You just might surprise yourself and learn to love her, like I do.


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