Apple (Image Credit: Inumaru9)

Healthy Food Swaps – Start Eating Better Today!

Apple (Image Credit: Inumaru9)

Apple (Image Credit: Inumaru9)

With the fast paced and sometimes frankly hectic lifestyles that we live in this modern age, food can sometimes become of little consideration. I mean, who has the time to devote to thinking up exciting new meals or slave away in the kitchen for a couple of hours a day? We all have our quick go-to foods that we grab on the go when we’re in a rush, and we also all have food which brings us comfort in the evening after a long and tiring day. The only problem is that quite often this kind of food isn’t full of nutritional goodness. Wouldn’t it be better if we could make quick easy choices that gave us energy rather than actually contributing to our lack of it?

Here are a few simple suggestions for healthy food swaps that are easy to make and won’t leave you feeling hungry:

Cereal (Image Credit: Christian Cablee)

Cereal (Image Credit: Christian Cablee)

• Many people go for sugary cereals in the morning because they’re quick. But they contain very few (if any) nutritional benefits so instead try having a wholegrain cereal that is high in fibre and low in added sugar, or try swapping cereal for oatmeal which is both good for you and will keep you full for hours.

• When it comes to either buying or making lunches that you can eat on the go, a lot of us tend to go for something quick and easy like a sandwich. Sandwiches are fine, but to max out its nutritional potential try swapping white bread for wholegrain bread. Along with making a healthy bread choice, try picking a sandwich with a balanced filling – go for something with a protein like turkey, tuna or hummus and make sure it’s full of vegetables.

• Snacks are a difficult choice. When you walk into a shop you are bombarded with heaps of junk food, there are about fifty different types and flavours of crisps and I don’t want to know how many chocolate bars there are out there. Instead of choosing a bag of crisps, have a small bag of nuts and seeds. Instead of a chocolate bar, opt for a small amount of dried fruit or a banana.

Coffee (Flickr User: OiMax)

Coffee (Flickr User: OiMax)

• I know that many of us cannot get through the day without at least one cup of coffee to help us through the day. When buying your coffee, swap full fat milk for skimmed milk, if you are someone who likes flavoured coffee, try to pick the sugar-free version of your syrup as most coffee shops offer at least one sugar-free option.

• After a difficult day at work, it is often tempting to have some dessert to cheer yourself up. If you want to pick a healthy dessert, try swapping your usual bowl of ice cream for a bowl of yogurt topped with fresh fruit and a drizzle of honey. (However, sometimes only the real, sugar filled thing will do – sometimes, you deserve a treat!)
These may not seem like big changes to make, these are in fact just little tweaks that you can make in your daily food choices in order to enjoy a little more nutritional goodness and they will hopefully make you feel a little healthier!


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