Burton Guster Pencils

Quirky Item of the Week: Burton Guster Pencil Set by One Up

Burton Guster Pencils

Burton Guster Pencils (Image Credit: http://www.one-updesigns.com)

If you don’t already know who Burton Guster is, you need to get yourself to a television to watch an episode of Psych stat. Burton “Gus” Guster (Dulé Hill) is not only half of one of the funniest duos on television, but also a man of a million names thanks to the other half of that duo, Shawn Spencer (James Roday). Shawn and Gus have a “psychic” detective agency and whenever they meet up with people for the first time, Shawn introduces Gus by a different name, hence the wacky pseudonyms on the pencils above. It has been a running gag for seven going on eight seasons now and despite over a hundred episodes of this shtick, it never gets old. My personal favorite is Ovaltine Jenkins, but Lavender Gooms is a close second.

That being said, it is probably easy to figure out why I chose these Burton Guster Pencils from One Up as this week’s quirky item. If your favorite name for Gus is not included in this set, they have a second set with six more of his best nicknames for your writing pleasure. Not a Psych fan? I can’t imagine why not, but I won’t hold it against you and neither will One Up. They also have pencil sets for The Goonies, Twin Peaks, and a number of other fun themes. You can check them all out on the site.

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