Laurie Holden as Andrea in THE WALKING DEAD

The Walking Dead: Episode 314 ‘Prey’ Recap

Laurie Holden as Andrea in THE WALKING DEAD

Laurie Holden as Andrea in THE WALKING DEAD (Image Credit: Gene Page/AMC)

The episode starts with a little background on Michonne, those pets of hers were apparently malevolent acquaintances.  In her words, “they weren’t human to begin with.”  However, this episode ends up all about Andrea.

Various medical tools are being gathered for Michonne’s hand over including a speculum…[shudder].  Torture of the worst kind is what the Governor has in mind and that guy is one sick f@#$.  Andrea finally starts to wake up to his insanity ( I think the speculum must have done the trick) a little too late but manages to get out of Woodbury before crap hits the fan.  Does the Governor let her go?  Of course not, he goes chasing after her leading her deeper into the Georgia countryside and off course.

While Andrea is being hunted, the newcomers that first attempted to join the prison folks then ended up in Woodbury after Rick’s hallucinations are starting to doubt the Governor’s leadership.  They are taken out to a field where a hole in the ground is full of walkers, kind of like storage, that they’ll be using for the “meeting” with Rick.  Things come to a head when they realize the Woodbury plan for the prison crew, they want no part of it.  I am guessing they become allies of Rick’s group by war’s end.

I hate creepy whistling…that Governor is not winning any points with this viewer.  Ugh, definitely a regrettable lay this guy – eye patch, creepy whistler, speculum freak…stab him in the other eye Andrea!!  Damn, she just unleashed a bunch of walkers on him.  This is starting to remind me of Hannibal and Clarice.  Son of a…he got her just outside of the prison.  That blows so much now she’s strapped down to the torture chair.  Andrea should’ve killed him post-coital when she had the chance.

Is it just me or are they focusing a lot on character building all of a sudden?  I’m guessing the writer’s are trying to create a mass of tension leading up to the war, which will either start one episode before finale or on finale night.  The end of the season is going to be crazy!


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