Would you… Try Dogvacay.com?

Dog (Image Credit: Jeff Ro)

Dog (Image Credit: Jeff Ro)

Whether you’re going on a trip to Las Vegas or you’re just spending a few days with your sister who’s allergic to dogs, sometimes, you just can’t take Fido with you when you travel. Finding safe and affordable care for your pet can be difficult, so we want to know, would you try a service like Dogvacay.com?

Usually, people either find a pet-sitter (maybe their dog-loving neighbor next door) or seek out the local kennel to keep their pooch safe and cared for while they’re away. Some people are even able to give their dogs a fancy, vacation-style experience instead of just another cage in a row of metal boxes.  Unfortunately, these resort-like pet boarding facilities tend to be expensive leaving pet owners on a budget who want their dog to receive top notch treatment with limited options.

The going rate for a typical pet boarding facility is $12 to $26 USD a night,  and those high-end fancy ‘doggie hotels’ can range anywhere from $40 to $110 USD a night. Dogvacay.com offers pet owners a third alternative. Instead of taking your dog to a kennel or a pricey pet resort, you can use Dogvacay.com to search for local “hosts” who are willing to take care of your dog in their home while you’re gone. All hosts are pre-screened by the site, and Dogvacay’s search options allow you to browse available hosts in your area and select the one that is the best fit for your dog.

Dogvacay.com’s rates start at $15 per night.  Additionally, all reservations include complimentary insurance, 24/7 customer support, a 100% money back guarantee, and daily photos of your pooch and his or her vacation experience.  In fact, all boarders are required to send these photos to the dog owners, showing them Fido’s cage-free, pampered and loving experience.

Would you use a service like this?  Could your dog spend a few days to a week with another family?  Would you be worried about losing your pooch’s love and adoration, or would you welcome the chance to avoid taking them to the kennel? Leave your thoughts in the comments!


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2 thoughts on “Would you… Try Dogvacay.com?

  1. Sarah Long says:

    Even better than that – i found a pet and house sitter for free. I was going away for a month with work and couldn’t afford the kenneling costs and i couldn’t put on my friends to care for him for that long. I found http://www.trustedhousesitters.com – cost me $20 for the subscription and found a lovely couple from Arizona who were happy to come and stay in my home and look after my dog for free – they were great and my dog was happy he could stay at home, i saved a fortune and when i got home my house sitters had dinner waiting for me and fresh flowers in every room – it couldn’t have been better! I’ll definately never use a kennel.

  2. James says:

    I housesit with TrustedHousesitters.com. Currently I’m in the middle of a five month housesit in the South of France looking after a cat and a dog, which I’m doing for free. Even a Dogvacay’s lowest rates (USD15) this would have cost the owners in excess of 2k and what would they have done with the cat?

    If the owners paid $20 to join TrustedHousesitters.com as Sarah Long did I think they got themselves a pretty good deal. Of course I got a pretty good deal out of it as well – I’ve been able to live in France for five months 🙂

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