The Walking Dead: Episode 315 ‘This Sorrowful Life’ Recap

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes in THE WALKING DEAD (Image Credit: Gene Page/AMC)

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes in THE WALKING DEAD (Image Credit: Gene Page/AMC)

Rick, Rick, Rick, Rick, Rick…actually thinking of giving up Michonne to the Governor – is he nuts?  Oh right, he is.  I thought he was being smart last episode when he declared war; I thought he was experiencing clarity.  Apparently his fear clouded that clarity for a moment, so much so he confided in Meryl and asked for his help.  After another hallucination of Lori, Rick finally comes to his senses and decides the plan for Michonne is off but he’s a little too late.  Meryl, knowing how strong Rick ‘s morality is and that he would not go through with his plan, takes the mission upon himself.  He tricks Michonne into the tombs and knocks her unconscious, ties her up, then takes her on the road to Woodbury.

Meryl is under the impression that if all goes well with the trade-off, he’ll somehow redeem himself with the prison crew.  Once Rick realizes what has gone down, Daryl is sent to track and stop Meryl.  Before Daryl finds them, Michonne successfully gets into Meryl’s head and he let’s her go before they reach the Governor.  Meryl confides that he can’t go back to the prison before he does something first – presumably to kill the Governor.  Unfortunately, the redneck we love to hate wasn’t clever enough to complete his mission; instead he ends up with a bullet in his brain courtesy of the one-eyed monster.  R.I.P. Meryl Dixon, you were a complicated man who in the end did the right thing.

On the bright side of life in the prison, Glen and Maggie are going to get hitched before the war begins.  Glen romantically de-digitized a walker for an engagement ring – awwww.  Rick has also relinquished his title as all-powerful leader and decided the prison crew will resume its democratic rule.  He gives them all the choice of whether they stay or go before the Governor starts the war.  Judging by the previews, they decide to bolt before the dictator comes for them.

Random thought: Is it just me or does Daryl have a hipster hair cut all of a sudden?  It seems so incredibly styled compared to everyone else on the show – what’s up with that? Poor Daryl, he had to kill zombie Meryl…his face in that moment was heart wrenching.



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