The Ultimate Tea-Off!

Teapot (Image Credit: A Girl With Tea)

Teapot (Image Credit: A Girl With Tea)

Ever since we all woke up two years ago at that ungodly hour to watch Kate and William get married, tea and crumpets in hand, the former hasn’t really gone anywhere. Our interest in crumpets and the royals may have died down, but the popularity of tea has continued to rise. Who needs fat laden frappuccinos and sugary energy drinks anyway? Most teas provide natural boosts of energy and the magic of antioxidants, but the pro’s go much deeper than that.

Green Tea (Image Credit: A Girl With Tea)

Green Tea (Image Credit: A Girl With Tea)

No colored tea – whether green, grey, white or black – should be discriminated against; they all have health benefits that can permanently improve your medical records and your well-being. It doesn’t matter if you choose your tea, based on your body’s needs or which color matches your purse that day; everyone can benefit from every type of tea.

Green Tea is like the big green giant; he’ll crash your tea party with his cancer-crushing fists and free-radical fighting antioxidants. Green tea is made up of, appropriately enough, steamed green leaves that boost the body’s ability to burn fat, and can even help control LDL cholesterol (i.e. the bad kind). This tea also has natural traces of caffeine, so if you’re brave enough to swap your morning coffee or your afternoon pick-me up for a cup of this stuff, you’ll be taking full advantage of all its benefits.

Black Tea (Image Credit: A Girl With Tea)

Black Tea (Image Credit: A Girl With Tea)

Black Tea is in the same family as the green giant, and normally contains the highest amount of caffeine. So, if you’re taking the no-coffee challenge, this is a good place to start. Aside from the fact that these fermented leaves produce antioxidants used to attack cancer cells, black tea has been proven to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and conquer viruses. Smokers and ex smokers especially should be aware that drinking black tea is also associated with cleansing the harmful bacteria that lurks in your mouth and lungs.

Earl Grey Tea is seriously underrated! This stuff can improve your immune system and your mood all at the same time. Traces of bergamot in Earl Grey leaves supply antioxidants that help preserve general wellness by fighting illnesses and infections. For a more natural route to a better mood, start boiling some water for your Earl Grey Tea: bergamot can also create a sense of calming that assists in lessening the side effects of depression. As if this isn’t enough, count on the fluoride in grey tea to protect your teeth, and the catechin to defeat infections of the mouth.

Earl Grey Tea (Image Credit: A Girl With Tea)

Earl Grey Tea (Image Credit: A Girl With Tea)

White Tea is proof that ‘white’ should not be reserved for the time between Easter and Labor Day. If you’re looking for tea in its most natural state, this is the way to go. Its leaves are not processed nearly as much as the other teas listed, making its antioxidant properties much more prominent than the rest. White tea floods your body with the fountain of youth in that it fights the production of fat cells and signs of aging, like wrinkles.

High tea isn’t reserved for the royals; adding a cup of tea to your daily rotation of coffee and water is not only classy, but also critical to good health. Abandon your artificial drink sweeteners and pick up some natural honey to satisfy your morning and after-dinner sugar urges. Forget the fad supplements – most of what your body needs can be supplied with the whistle of a kettle.


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One thought on “The Ultimate Tea-Off!

  1. churchoftea says:

    Great post! Have you heard of Pu-erh tea at all? It is relatively new to the western world, but it has been considered as sort of a “super tea” by the Chinese for ages now. It’s said to be helpful with blood cleansing, digestion, as well as a myriad of other benefits.

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