Fashion with Character: Team Free Will of the CW’s ‘Supernatural’

Team Free Will

Welcome, class, to this week’s edition of Fashion with Character! Today’s lesson: Supernatural’s Team Free Will the female way.

When it comes to the Winchester brothers, their wardrobe doesn’t leave much room for experimentation. And the only outfit update poor Castiel has gotten to experience was the quick switch from Holy Tax Accountant to Hospital Chic. Lucky for us, this makes creating a fun, comfortable outfit for the female hunter kind of simple. Thank goodness for their lack of closet space.

If you’re looking to channel Dean Winchester’s tough guy exterior, the first thing you’re going to want to look for is a leather jacket. Sadly, Dean’s jackets seem to meet unfortunate ends with the mysterious disappearance of the original jacket (which we know was actually stolen after the Season 5 finale) and the bloody, war-time fate met by the second after it’s stay in Purgatory. Pair it with some artfully-ripped jeans, a classic-rock band t-shirt and a shiny pair of boots and you’re ready to kick the Hell out of any day.

If you’re more into subtle comfort like library-loving Sam Winchester, loose jeans, a cotton t-shirt and flannel over shirt are the items you’re looking for. A sensible pair of boots and a laptop will have you feeling like the youngest Winchester in no time. And if the look works to capture the attention of potential love-interests for Sam, it just might work for you as well! Let’s just hope the one’s you find manage to, you know, stay alive.

Lastly, find your inner Castiel when you’re looking to make a good first impression. A white button down paired with streamlined black slacks and polished Oxfords will leave the people you meet confident that you’re the real deal. And don’t forget the trench coat, a wardrobe must when it comes to emulating the rebel angel. Lastly, if a tie is just not your thing, add a blue scarf into the mix for a bit of color to make the outfit really pop. Soon, you’ll be feeling like your “true form” is as tall as The Chrysler Building!

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