The Walking Dead: Season 3 Finale ‘Welcome to the Tombs’ Recap

Chandler Riggs as Carl Grimes in THE WALKING DEAD (Image Credit: Gene Page/AMC)
Chandler Riggs as Carl Grimes in THE WALKING DEAD (Image Credit: Gene Page/AMC)

Holy crapola!!!!!!!  The Governor is a sick motha effer!!!  The episode starts with him beating Milton for being human and burning the biters they kept for the war against Rick’s group.  When he asks about Andrea, Gov puts him in the torture room with her and commands he kill her.  When he tries to kill the Governor instead, one-eyed Philly stabs him and locks him in the room.  He says (this isn’t verbatim – I’m not that good at transcription), “You’ll kill her one way or another, when you turn you’ll rip the flesh from her bones.”  Dayam!

Once the Governor is done with those two, he rallies the troops and heads to the prison to start the war.  The couple that had once stopped at the prison and now resides at Woodbury refused to go, but promised to protect the town while the rest were gone.  Judging by the look in Governors eyes, he won’t allow them to live after that betrayal.

When the cavalry reaches the prison, nobody is there to greet them.  As they begin to infiltrate the prison, I smell a trap.  Anyone else see that coming?  Yeah, I thought so.  Carl…whoa, killing people with little remorse now?  Not good, but I can’t pretend like the kid doesn’t have a point.  He’s a product of his environment.

Uh oh, the Governor is having a Marnie moment – now he’s killing all his soldiers!  Why doesn’t someone kill him?  Seriously, this is insane.

When Rick and his crew decide to chase after the Governor, they come across the field of dead bodies left behind by the Governor.  They take the one remaining survivor and head to Woodbury to warn the town of his homicidal mania.  The friendly guards let them in and they find Andrea who was bitten by Milton before killing him.  She’s turning and the group is devastated especially Michonne, but Andrea woman’s up and decides to take herself out.  Single gun shot wound while Michonne held her hand.

When Rick comes back to the prison he has brought all the residents of Woodbury back with him to join them.  This signifies the return of  Rick the good and the retirement of the Rickinator.  Carl doesn’t like this change of pace, pretty sure he’ll turn into a Carl the terrible next season.  The Governor is missing in action which means his crazy ass will be back next season.  I was hoping for more finality rather than the death of one of the original characters but with the Governor still around – crap is gonna be nuts again next season. The Governor is missing in action which means his crazy ass will be back next season.



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