Simple Suggestions for Why You Aren’t Losing Weight

Thinking (Image Credit: lululemon athletica)

Thinking (Image Credit: lululemon athletica)

So you’re on a diet. Or maybe you’re not on a “diet” but you’ve made some important lifestyle changes because you want to lose some weight. But for some reason, the pounds just aren’t dropping off the way you’d hoped. It can be so frustrating when you feel as though you’re working really hard to lose weight and get into shape but it isn’t paying off. You might be trying to do all the right things – cutting down the fat and sugar you consume, watching your portion sizes, exercising more, but there are few simple mistakes you might be making. When trying to lose weight there are several errors that are easy to commit which make the changes you want difficult to come by, here are a few suggestions for what you might be doing wrong.

  • Underestimating how much you are actually eating. Even if you cut your portion sizes down, one of the common dieting pitfalls is underestimating the number of calories you are actually consuming. With packaged food it is easy to know the exact nutritional value of what you are eating however when you cook for yourself it’s more difficult. If you are really serious about losing weight it’s worth weighing and measuring all of your ingredients so that you know the actual calorific value of your food.
  • Overestimating how many calories you are burning when exercising. Similarly with the first point, if you feel like you are not losing the weight you should be, there’s a chance that you are burning fewer calories than you thought. Make sure you work out your BMR using an online calculator and then use a fitness app calculator or something similar to figure out how many calories you’re burning in your workout. The calculators should require you to input your gender, height, weight, and age in order to give you an accurate prediction.
  • Mindless snacking. This is another really common way in which people inhibit their weight-loss. With modern convenience food, many of us end up grazing and grabbing mouthfuls of food here and there throughout the day. The problem with this kind of snacking is that we often don’t really process that we’re doing it which means you could be eating a lot more than you think. Try to always stop and sit down to eat rather than eating on the go, a helpful trick is to always eat food off a plate or bowl, that way you’re more aware of what you’re eating.
  • Reading (Image Credit: lululemon athletica)

    Reading (Image Credit: lululemon athletica)

    Unbalanced meals. If you are someone who skips breakfast you could very well be doing yourself a disfavor  most people who skip breakfast have a tendency to find themselves much hungrier later in the day and then over eat. Make sure you eat a good three solid meals a day, and then if you are exercising and still finding yourself hungry you can add in a couple of healthy snacks.

  • Finally, the stress factor. When you are dealing with high levels of stress, not only does it often cause people to comfort eat, it also causes your body to release more a hormone called cortisol which raises your blood sugar levels and counteracts insulin. Try to get a decent night’s sleep and establish a regular sleeping pattern, this should help decrease the level of cortisol your body produces. Also make sure you find the time to relax and de-stress, we all need to take time off every now and then! (source 1)

If you’ve been struggling to lose weight then hopefully one, or several, of these tips will help you to start realizing your goals. Losing weight isn’t easy but the changes you make to your lifestyle do not have to be enormous, and sometimes a little tweak can make a huge difference!


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