How to Pick the Right Red Lipstick for You!

Lipstick (Image Credit: Crestock)

Lipstick (Image Credit: Crestock)

If a girl says that she doesn’t want to wear red lips, she is most likely lying. In fact, she’s probably been through dozens of red lipstick shades, brands, and consistencies that made her look like a clown or a vampire who just ate dinner and unlike Taylor Swift, she’s ashamed of wearing the wrong red lipstick for her skin tone.

Women rely on red lipstick for a little extra somethin’-somethin’, but finding the perfect one can feel like involuntarily reading 50 Shades of Red. With the color red broken down into millions of lipsticks, how are we supposed to find our perfect match?

Not many things feel as good as applying a cosmetic product that makes you feel attractive and confident. Instead of settling for a color that is less than amazing against your skin tone, take the time to figure out what color brings out your best you.

So, where to begin? First, declare your skin tone as either fair-skinned, olive-skinned, or dark skinned. Comparing your coloring to that of celebrities is a good way to figure out this portion of the prerequisites. Then, look for either warm undertones or cool undertones in your complexion.

Lastly, everyone is different, so picking one color for every single woman in a category is nearly impossible. Therefore, it’s time to be honest with yourself and decide when and where you will wear this lipstick the most, and whether the color measures up to your skin profile.

Before you divorce the idea of red lipstick, speed dating with a few different shades could revive the marriage. After all of that preparation, it is now time to reconcile with our red lips.

Fair Skin

If Snow White can wear red lips, anyone can. Contrary to popular belief, fair skin can most certainly handle a red lip. The key for fair skinned girls with cool undertones, like Kate Bosworth, is to stick with reds that have a coral touch and avoid shades darker than a true red. Fair skin with warm undertones, like that of Gwen Stefani, get along better with blue-reds. Make sure to avoid dark lips at all costs. If you don’t believe it, do a Google search for Gwyneth Paltrow’s too-dark lips and check out the first hit (if you dare).

Red Lipsticks for Fair Skin

Olive Skin

Who better to turn to for olive-skin advice than the Kardashians? Kourtney is a great example of someone who can wear just about any red lipstick thanks to the warm undertones in her complexion. Because of her bronzey-gold skin, it’s difficult to find a red that looks either too dark or too light against her lips. On the other hand, someone like Jenna Dewan (who should just change her name to Mrs. Channing Tatum) looks best with a pink-red, due to the cooler undertones in her face. In other words, a shade that is not too pink yet not too red could be the perfect color for you.

Red Lipsticks for Olive Skin

Dark Skin

Anyone who knows Beyoncé or Tyra Banks knows that dark skinned women look amazing with dark red lips. Then again, someone like Gabrielle Union looks better with a truer red. It’s more difficult to determine cool and warm undertones with dark skin, and it’s even more difficult to find an example of a red lip looking bad against this complexion. That’s right, my dark skinned ladies, you are the lucky bunch that can wear just about any shade of red that you are comfortable with. Darker shades for nighttime and coral-y shades for daytime are typically perfect for dark skin across the board. Prepare yourself for envious stares from fair skinned and olive skinned girls who can’t pull off all of the reds that you can.

Red Lipsticks for Darker Skin Tones

See? Not so painful after all. Going into the department store with an idea of what you need can save you time and aggravation, as well as room on your hand when you don’t need to smudge as many colors against it. Red lipstick: you have put up a good fight, but it is now time to surrender.


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