Everything I Ever Needed to Know… I Learned from ‘Doctor Who’

Tardis (Image Credit: BBC)
Tardis (Image Credit: BBC)

I am relatively new to Who. I began the revival series last autumn when I randomly came across and immediately fell in love with the Eleventh Doctor. Upon getting up-to-date with Eleven, I went back and watched the Ninth and Tenth Doctor in a matter of weeks, all in time to watch the second half of series seven as it airs.

Though I have yet to cover the majority of the show’s nearly 50-year history, Doctor Who has already managed to provide me with more life lessons in a few short months than all of my other television viewing experiences combined.

It is vastly important to stay on top of home improvement projects.

There is always a chance that the crack in the wall could actually be a crack in the universe, slowly erasing the life of anyone who goes near it. I wonder if caulk can seal the gap created by two parts of space and time that should have never touched?

Matt Smith as The Doctor in DOCTOR WHO (Image Credit: BBC)
Matt Smith as The Doctor in DOCTOR WHO (Image Credit: BBC)

Appreciate your family’s simplicity, for no family will ever be as complicated as Amy Pond’s.

Regardless of how many times your parents have been remarried, how many half-siblings you have, or how many third cousins twice removed you keep in touch with, Amy Pond still wins for having most complicated family. She grew up with her parents being slowly erased from the universe due to the aforementioned crack in the wall (but don’t worry, they came back when she rebooted the universe – it’s an even longer story than this one).

As a child, she befriended Rory, a boy who grew up to be the Last Centurion, a serial dead guy, and last but not least, Mr. Pond. Amy and Rory named their daughter after their friend Melody, who turned out to actually be their time travelling daughter who just wanted to pay them an extended visit. Said daughter grew up to marry The Doctor, making Amy the mother-in-law of her 900-year-old best friend. I would not wish drawing up that family tree on my worst enemy.

Alex Kingston as Melody Pond, Karen Gillan as Amy Pond, and Arthur Darvill as Rory Williams in DOCTOR WHO (Image Credit: BBC)
Alex Kingston as Melody Pond, Karen Gillan as Amy Pond, and Arthur Darvill as Rory Williams in DOCTOR WHO (Image Credit: BBC)

Always bring a banana to a party.

Bread and butter, on the other hand, should be thrown to the curb.


The holidays are a scary time.

My mother warned me about the insane Black Friday crowds. But until Doctor Who, I had no idea that brass instrument-wielding Robot Santas, spinning Christmas trees and snowmen with menacing grins were among other holiday threats.


Children are horrifying.

I have experienced enough sleepless nights after watching a movie about a demon child to know this already, but Doctor Who really drives the idea home. Thanks to a certain gasmask boy, there is a children’s book I used to love called “Are You My Mother?” that is forever ruined.

The Empty Child DOCTOR WHO (Image Credit: BBC)
The Empty Child DOCTOR WHO (Image Credit: BBC)

Blinking can lead to death.

Well no, that is a slight exaggeration. What I meant was, blinking can lead to being sent back in time, leaving one all alone, never to see their family and friends again. That’s all.


Saving the universe should be done in style.

The Doctor has so much fashion knowledge to impart. For instance, the Ninth Doctor showed that one must only take off their leather jacket in extreme situations. The Tenth Doctor proved that Converses go brilliantly with a suit. The Eleventh Doctor? He redefined “cool,” placing Stetsons, fezzes, and of course bowties into the category. Wearing a leather jacket, Converses, and a bowtie all at once would be pretty cool, no?

Christopher Eccleston as The Doctor in DOCTOR WHO (Image Credit: BBC)
Christopher Eccleston as The Doctor in DOCTOR WHO (Image Credit: BBC)

As you can see, Doctor Who can provide a wealth of knowledge about life. Since becoming a Whovian I am a little more jumpy and crazier than usual. But hey, at least if I ever hear the whooshing of the Tardis outside my window, I will be good to go!

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