Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Celebrity Crush: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Image Credit: Gage Skidmore)

I would definitely date Joseph Gordon-Levitt if given the chance. I have one of those crushes on Levitt that I’m certain everyone who has ever seen him in a movie carries. People who seem mysterious personally intrigue me. Joseph Gordon-Levitt seems like a very open and honest person so why would I find him mysterious? Levitt is so constantly involved in the film and music community that the amount of goings-on in his brain must be magnificent. He also regularly tweets promotional videos of his production company, HitRECord, while also supporting his friends and other various musicians that resonate with him. Besides the fact that I’m convinced he has a similar affliction of never aging like Tuck Everlasting, he seems like a very down to earth dude.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Image Credit: Crestock)

Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Image Credit: Crestock)

So yes, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is quirky. He is cute. He’s fluent in French and started his own open collaborative production company with his professional fire-dancing brother, Dan (I’m as beguiled as you are). IMDb even considers Levitt’s trademarks his ‘dimples and youthful boyish looks’. These are just a few aspects of Joseph Gordon Levitt, but it begins to explain the rest of America’s infatuation with the 32-year-old. Levitt is a different breed of actor. Sure, actors and actresses give money to charity, go on mission trips, and take stands on general worldly issues. Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether they do this because they are trying to do good with the resources they have or if it’s a PR stunt. However, it’s easy to see what Joseph Gordon Levitt stands for.

Levitt is widely known for his disapproval of the celebrity spotlight. Levitt is more interested in the script. He is quoted as saying it doesn’t matter how much money he is offered to work on a movie; if he doesn’t like the script, he simply won’t do it. He believes in the art form of acting and film production. This is what drove him to begin the production company HitRECord with his brother in 2004. Presented in front of the Sundance Film Festival in 2010 as an open collaborative project it immediately took off. It allows anyone to post film, illustrations, stories, or music on a website where it can be remixed with other contributors’ works. The neat thing about it is that if a collaborative work makes any money, everyone who contributed gets a cut.

I’d go on further about why you should mount a shrine in your bedroom to Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s honor but instead I’ll suggest checking him out on Twitter and YouTube-enjoy.

It’s an oldie but it’s fantastic:



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