Bates Motel: Season 1 Episode 107 ‘The Man in Number 9’ Recap

Nicola Peltz as Bradley Martin and Freddie Highmore as Norman Bates in BATES MOTEL (Image Credit: Joseph Lederer)

Nicola Peltz as Bradley Martin and Freddie Highmore as Norman Bates in BATES MOTEL (Image Credit: Joseph Lederer)

Wow, now the Sheriff is corrupt and willing to cover up the crimes committed on the Bates Motel property.  What the hell?  I’m guessing this is going to bite them in the butt later, but we’ll see.

While Norman is fixing the lattice beneath the porch he finds a nasty little dog trapped and hungry, she runs off before Norman gets a hold of her.  After the crazy night of gunfighting, Norma is playing nice with Dylan but not for long since he still insists on moving out.  Norma is bound and determined to keep her boys under her wing as long as possible but Dylan is having none of that.  While Dylan takes out the trash for mommy dearest, he comes across a mysterious man in a black Cadillac who asks about Keith Summers.

Norman is starting to obsess over Bradley, I’m fearful for her.

Norma tries to go out in the community to promote the motel and the first woman she encounters explains that the place has been tainted by the Deputy Shelby/Keith Summers scandal.  When Norma is mooning over her lack of reservations at the motel, she comes across the mysterious man in the Cadillac who claims to have a standing reservation at the motel.  Norma is desperate for customers so she gives the man a key and allows him to stay even though he is super creepy, but then again what isn’t at this place?  When Dylan knocks on this guy’s door and asks for his information for the registry and payment, he gives him his license but then pays him an excessive amount of cash.  Dylan tells Norma about the weird guy but she is too consumed with scrubbing the blood off the steps to listen.

While Dylan and Norman are picking up supplies at the hardware store they run into Bradley.  It seems like Dylan and Bradley have a moment, which does not bode well for poor awkward Norman.  Dylan seems weird about it, not sure if he’s thinking horny guy thoughts or worried about her criminal father and his connections. As Norma tosses and turns in her bed that night, she starts hearing weird noises.  She gets up to investigate and finds the sink cabinets and backdoor wide open with the screen door flapping in the wind.  Norma brings a knife with her to check it out but finds nothing.

Emma comes by the Bates manor to see Norman and Norma lets her in but Norman refuses to see her.  Norma doesn’t like this turn of events so she invites Emma to run an errand with her to ease her pain.  Norma starts prying information out of Emma about Bradley and they quickly hatch a crazy high school plan to spy on Bradley.  They go check her out in during her yoga class and Norma quickly gets these ideas about Bradley being a predator and Norman being prey.

The little dog reappears while Norman is working on the motel and he manages to lure her to him with a cookie and she pets the little doggie.  Norma shows up and quickly dismisses the dog but Norman is insistent that normal families have dogs.  He manages to convince Norma that he will take care of the pup.  When the subject changes to sex and Bradley, Norman gets angry when he realizes Norma is trying to control who he goes out with since she hired Emma to work at the motel.  He runs off and ends up at Bradley’s house.  Norman knocks on her door and he confesses his feelings for her and she rejects him.  He takes off and she chases him but Norma’s words in his head as he slowly goes into a trance like state but the minute she hugs him he seems to snap out of it.

Back at the motel, Norma is visited by the creepy man while she works in the office and he promises to put out a good word for the place if he is allowed to keep the same arrangement he had with Keith Summers.  He books the entire motel for one week every other month.  She asks him if he is doing anything illegal and he quickly says “no,” but we all know better.

While Norman walks home from Bradley’s, he sees the little stray dog again and he calls her but soon a car approaches and the little dog gets hit.  Poor puppy!  Norman freaks out and demands he take the dog to Emma’s dad – a taxidermist. Norman is slowly becoming more and more disenchanted with his world (insert Psycho music here).  Keep watching Bates Motel on A&E on Mondays and check back here for a recap and commentary.


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