‘Pretty Little Liars’ Gets a Spin-Off Series: ‘Ravenswood’

Ravenswood (Image Credit: ABC Family)

Ravenswood (Image Credit: ABC Family)

Good news for fans of ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars! The network recently announced a new PLL spin-off series, Ravenswood, which will debut in October. The show will share a production team with Pretty Little Liars, and while it’s being labeled a spin-off, it sounds like Ravenswood will be more of a companion show, featuring a similar attitude and theme as PLL but without much crossover.

Ravenswood is titled after the town where it takes place, which is near the PLL home base of Rosewood, PA. While there’s certainly plenty of drama in Rosewood, it sounds like residents of Ravenswood might have even more to worry about. The town is cursed, and it’s not just any old curse – it’s a fatal curse. Five teens are brought together to investigate the town’s past in an attempt to stay alive.

Brett Dier (Image Credit: Brett Dier)

Brett Dier (Image Credit: Brett Dier)

ABC Family has released descriptions for three of the main characters on the show: Miranda, an independent foster child with a chip on her shoulder; Abel, a textbook mysterious loner dude; and Olivia, Abel’s twin sister who has recently lost her position as queen bee. ABC Family just announced their casting choices for Abel and Olivia – Abel will be played by L.A. Complex’s Brett Dier and Olivia will be played by model Elizabeth Whitson. No other casting decisions have been announced as of yet.

What else can we expect from Ravenswood? It will likely have a similar style and tone as Pretty Little Liars, balancing mystery and danger with the day-to-day lives of its main characters. And, hopefully, it will be just as addictive. It also sounds like there might be a Breakfast Club vibe with the core group of main characters, as the ABC Family release describes them as “Five strangers [who] suddenly find themselves connected.”

Tyler Blackburn (Image Credit: ABC Family)

Tyler Blackburn (Image Credit: ABC Family)

ABC Family is certainly hoping that the social media power of Pretty Little Liars will help draw attention to the new show. As I mentioned before, Ravenswood doesn’t appear to have any major crossover with Pretty Little Liars, although ABC Family did recently announce that Tyler Blackburn, who plays Caleb on PLL, will be appearing on Ravenswood and will apparently be an integral part of the show. The network seems to be playing up the connection between the shows (and recruiting fan favorite Blackburn) in order to capitalize on the marketing opportunity.

But you never know – a familiar face or location might pop up on Ravenswood from time to time, and there’s a possibility of crossover storylines with the 5th season of PLL. And ultimately, it’s probably a good thing for Ravenswood to set itself apart, giving the show a chance to draw its own fans in addition to the core group of PLL fans who decide to tune in.

Pretty Little Liars fans – what do you think about Ravenswood? Will you be watching?

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One thought on “‘Pretty Little Liars’ Gets a Spin-Off Series: ‘Ravenswood’

  1. Sasha says:

    Thanks for sharing some of the details about Ravenswood! I’m really looking forward to what the show will have to offer, so I will definitely make it a point to catch it live later this year. Most of the time I don’t watch live TV because of my late work schedule at DISH, but for this show I will just watch on my phone. I’ve downloaded the DISH Anywhere app recently and can watch all of my shows from home everywhere I go now, so luckily watching Ravenswood live each week in my office will be no problem; I can’t wait!

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