Why I think sorority life is beneficial to women!

Why I think sorority life is beneficial to women!

Sorority Members (Image Credit: Murray State)

There are three things that I believe were the most life-changing and important decisions of my life. One of them was joining a sorority. I go to a university with a very prominent Greek presence on campus. I guess you could say my sorority consists of roughly 290 of my closest friends. Just kidding, but there really are almost 300 of us in our chapter. This amount of sorority sisters is quite unusual, but has been a hoot and a half. Sorority life has benefited me in little less than a year and can benefit others if they would give it a chance.

I was a confident person before I joined a sorority; I’ve always had a journalist’s heart. I question most everything, and I’m not very timid about asking. Being in a sorority surrounded by people who have similar traits as yourself, gives you the confidence to try new things and take chances. Your sisters encourage you to apply for that internship, ask that guy out, sign up for a house position and etc… Having sorority sisters is like having a dozen practical (most of the time) cheerleaders.

Another benefit of joining a sorority is the mass amount of connections you gain. I had applied for an internship back in November and the woman who was interviewing me was actually an alumni of my sorority! You meet so many people through your chapter, but also once you graduate you have an alum base nearly everywhere. If you move, you can find a group of alums to help you adjust to the area or even help you with recommendations for jobs.

Sorority Members (Image Credit: Murray State)

Sorority Members (Image Credit: Murray State)

I’ve only been affiliated with my sorority for a year now, but I already feel as though it has made me a better person. It has started to eliminate some of my bad habits and strengthen my morals and values. When you join a sorority it’s because they saw a certain set of values in you that resonate with them as well. My sorority places high importance on academic achievement, moral growth, and friendship so when I went through recruitment they asked questions that would indicate to them that these were things I valued in my life. Being surrounded by people who believe in similar morals as me strengths my values and character while their individual diversity helps me focus on the uniqueness of others. It sounds so corny I know, but it truly does make you a stronger person both morally and mentally.

Lastly, one of the biggest benefits of being in a sorority is the ability to give back to the community and to participate with your sorority’s philanthropy. Each national sorority has a philanthropic cause to which they dedicate the majority of their funding. Throughout the year, a portion of the money active members pay to remain in the sorority is used to fund events that help raise money for these causes. The parties or fundraisers are often a great bonding opportunity for not only sorority sisters, but also for different groups of people on campus that come to them.
While college can be time consuming with academics alone, joining a sorority can be one of the best decisions of your college career. Not only will it bring you out of your shell a little bit, but also teach you lessons in compassion, friendship and sometimes most importantly having fun. Laughter is considered the best medicine for a sour disposition and personally some of my sisters, who happen to be my best friends, can turn around any day. They are my rock, my anchor, my inspiration, and my home away from home. I wish everyone could experience this level of friendship in their lifetime! Fortunately, I will be able to call them a friend and a sister for life.

One thought on “Why I think sorority life is beneficial to women!

  1. Michelle says:

    24 years ago I accepted my bid to an NPC group, and have never looked back! Your post should be shared with women who are interested in going through Recruitment. The other women who would benefit from reading it are those who are struggling with “college/sorority girl drama,” and questioning whether or not to resign their membership.

    I would only add that sorority involvement really builds your time management skills! We all had to learn how to juggle school, work and sorority obligations, quickly and efficiently.

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