Bates Motel: Season 1 Episode 109 ‘Underwater’ Recap

Vera Farmiga as Norma Bates in BATES MOTEL (Image Credit: Joseph Lederer)

Vera Farmiga as Norma Bates in BATES MOTEL (Image Credit: Joseph Lederer)

Norma is horrified at finding Deputy Shelby’s dead body in her bed, when the Sheriff comes over to investigate Norma says something hilarious, “Why do crazy people gravitate towards me?”  The look on Norman, Dylan, and the Sheriff’s face was priceless.  While Norman and Dylan are trashing the mattress the body was found on, Norma smells people smoking pot.  The “guests” Dylan brought from Oregon are not surprisingly smoking a joint while relaxing on the porch and Norma goes ballistic on them.

Norma has asked Emma to organize the motel’s office but after her blow up at the pot trimmers, she has decided to trash everything and move.  Shortly thereafter she receives a bouquet of flowers with a mysterious card that read, “See you soon…”  Of course she is positive it is the creepy Jake Abernathy guy in the black Cadillac and quickly calls the Sheriff to explain she received flowers…that say “see you soon…” the receptionist doesn’t understand the implications, which turns the exchange comical.

While Dylan is in town running errands Bradley approaches him and asks if he’d be willing to take her into her dad’s office so she could retrieve some of his things.  It is clearly more sinister than that but Dylan is clearly taken with Bradley.  Uh oh, brotherly competition over a girl – this cannot turn out well for Dylan.

Norman finds out he’s earned a 4.0 gpa during the current term at school and a short story he wrote is up for publication.  Miss Watson takes special interest in his writing ability and offers her after school assistance to refine his skills.  Additionally, his newest artistic endeavor – the taxidermy dog is done and he brings it home to display.  He clearly does not want to leave White Pine Bay but mama Bates is certain they should bolt.  So certain, she goes back to her real estate agent and threatens a law suit if he doesn’t sell the property promptly.  In the meantime, Norma is trying to make the best of her horrid situation by patrolling the potheads, cleaning, and pressuring the Sheriff about Abernathy, which doesn’t go well.

Since Norma has put a strict ban on pot smoking she enlisted Emma’s help enforcing her rules while Norma is gone.  This puts Emma in direct contact with a particularly cute stoner who she convinces to extinguish his joint.  I foresee a relationship blooming between these two. Norman, on the other hand, is still hurting over his short-lived Bradley relationship and is now dreaming of drowning her in a tub.

When Dylan tries to discourage Bradley from visiting her dad’s old office she masterfully guilts him into taking her so she can spend one more moment with her dad’s memory.  They are quickly discovered by Remo who gets off a couple rounds before they put up the white flag.  He allows them ten minutes for Bradley to look through his office but her nostalgia quickly turns to distaste when she finds letters from another woman in his desk.

Emma’s new hippie love interest, Gunnter, leaves a special cupcake for her in the motel office.  After thinking about it long and hard, Emma dives into the chocolate cupcake with fervor.  When she starts feeling the effects she decides to visit the Bates manor and Norma almost instantly realizes she must be high due to her diatribe about how long the stairs are to their house.

Later that night, Norma knocks on Norman’s door and asks if she can sleep in his room because she’s still scared to sleep in her room alone.  He offers to take the floor so she can sleep in his bed but she quickly retorts that they’ll both fit in his bed together.  He is surprised by the suggestion but easily placates his mother by allowing her in his bed.  This is the moment he decides to apologize for calling her crazy earlier in the night…ummm, she’s sleeping in a twin bed with her teenage son – that lady is definitely crazy.

When Norma goes to speak to the realtor about her open house he quickly tries to escape with excuses about her house having no market.  She is furious and threatens to sue him but he cops out with his own financial woes, which throws her into a rage.  She beats the crap out of him with her purse.  If things couldn’t get any worse, she goes back to her car to be accosted by Jake Abernathy.  He holds a gun to her head and threatens to kill her and her sons if she doesn’t bring him $150,000 in cash that Deputy Shelby owed him.

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