Would you try…Google Glass?

Google Glass (Image Credit: Google)

Google Glass (Image Credit: Google)

It’s all the rage in the tech world: Google Glass.

Google Glass is “a type of wearable computer created by  Google’s Project Glass…” and works to “provide an experience known as augmented reality, where images are superimposed over what the user sees in real life.” (source 1)

Google Glass has a number of features, including the ability to take photos and videos of what you are seeing when you look through the glasses. You can also use Google hangout to show your friends or relatives what you are looking at. (source 2)

The glasses will also have apps, similar to those on smart phones. One such app is Google Maps. You can use Google Maps with Google Glass for directions. However, as there is no GPS function on the Google Glass you would have to connect Google Glass to your phone. (source 2)

Google also revealed, during a South by Southwest panel, that third parties are developing other apps for the Google Glass. One of the third parties is the New York Times. With Google, they are developing an app where you can read an article via the Google Glass display. They are also working on a breaking news feature, wherein a notification will be flashed on the Google Glass display when a new story is posted. (source 3)

Other third-party apps allow you to identify your friends in a crowd and to dictate an email.  (source 3)

Google Glass currently comes in five colors: Charcoal, Tangerine, Shale, Cotton and Sky. (source 4)

In February, Google had a lottery for those who wanted to buy the Google Glass. Contestants had to tweet or write in Google Plus what they would do with the Google Glass if they had it . If selected, the contestants would be able to buy the Google Glass for $1,500. (source 5)

Google picked 8,000 people in the United States to test the Google Glass. They announced the winners in late March and began to distribute the product in mid April. (source 6)

In an interview with BBC, Google chairman Eric Schmidt said that the public would most likely be able purchase Google Glass in early 2014. (source 7)

“Well, the developers are beginning now,” Schmidt said in the interview. “It would be fair to say that there will be thousands of these in use by developers over the next months and based on their feedback we’ll make some product changes and it’s probably a year-ish away.” (source 7)

Although the Google Glass looks promising, it does come with a hefty price. Would you be wiling to pay $1,500 for glasses?


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