Eating Well Starts in the Store

Grocery Shopping (Image Credit: Matt MacGillivray)

Grocery Shopping (Image Credit: Matt MacGillivray)

One of the most fundamental parts of eating healthily on a daily basis is making sure that you shop well for your food. It can be so easy to be tempted into buying all sorts of unhealthy extras when you’re wandering around a grocery store. Many people make the mistake of just shopping for food on a daily basis which means that you don’t think about what you’re going to be eating. In the spirit of making conscious choices to eat better, here are a few simple tips for shopping well for your food!

  1. Plan your meals weekly. Now I don’t mean that you should write down every single thing you are planning to eat for a week, we all change our mind about what we want. However it is worth planning your dinners for Monday to Friday just so that you can be organised and have some idea of what ingredients to buy when you do your food shopping.
  2. Always write yourself a shopping list. After planning your meals, jot down a list of all of the ingredients needed for them and then add all of your staple food along with anything else you want to get for the week. Having a list will mean you can shop in an organised way and make sure you don’t forget anything.
  3. Stock up on staples. This means things like tinned tomatoes, cans of tuna, spices, dried herbs, cereal, pasta, rice, lentils, chickpeas, and any condiments etc. Foods that can become the basis of a quick and healthy meal. If you have a variety of these items in your kitchen then even if you are low on fresh produce it will be easy to cook a meal.
  4. Buy foods that can be frozen and stored easily. Similarly to the last tip, having food in your freezer such as fish, bread, and vegetables will make it easy to cook when you haven’t got time to go food shopping.
  5. Make the most of the fruit and veg section. My favourite thing to do when I’m really wanting to eat well and feel healthy is stock my fridge full of fresh fruit and veg. Choose a rainbow, lots of different coloured vegetables to get a range of nutritional benefits.
  6. Check out any special offers/coupons. Can you get your favourite brand of granola on a three for two offer? Buy extra if you know that you’ll eat eventually. Just make sure you don’t get tempted into spending money on something you don’t normally buy, or is less healthy than your usual pick just because it’s cheaper.
  7. Finally, make sure that you buy yourself a couple of treats. It’s always better to have a small handful of foods that you consider unhealthy but indulgent in your kitchen, than be tempted to order takeout. After all, we all need a treat now and then…

These are very basic tips but they should make shopping for healthy food a much easier task and hopefully take the stress out of the process by making it more organised. If you do nothing else to make your food shopping more streamlined, remember to write a list!



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