Game of Thrones: Season 3 Episode 309 ‘The Rains of Castamere’ Recap

Richard Madden as Robb Stark and Oona Chaplin as Talisa Maegyr in GAME OF THRONES (Image Credit: HBO)

Richard Madden as Robb Stark and Oona Chaplin as Talisa Maegyr in GAME OF THRONES (Image Credit: HBO)

Holy crap this was the worst episode EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Robb Stark is finally listening to his mother’s advice after realizing she was right about Greyjoy not being sent to negotiate with his father.  Catelyn Stark looks over his plan and points out the flaws in his and he takes the advice.  Robb also apologizes to House Tully for turning his back on the marriage pledge with his house.  Walder Frey is a dirty old man who decides to dissect the reasons behind Robb’s broken oath, aka, publically sexually harass Robb’s wife.  There is something very off about this situation.

Sam and the new mama are walking through the northern woods, baby in tow, hoping to escape the undead.  The reach the wall and Sam tells the girl all he knows about the security.  The illiterate girl is awed by his knowledge simply because he read it in a book – she compares him to a wizard.

Joffrey’s dog and Arya and on the road back to Robb and mama Stark.  They come across an innocent bystander with a broken wagon wheel and the dog knocks him out intending to kill him until Arya stops him.

Jon Snow and his wilding friends are no longer in the north and find themselves at the ranch of an old man who breeds horses for the night’s watch.  Jon Snow tells them not to kill the man but simply steal the horses and run.  They don’t intend to take his advice so he intentionally botches it so the man gets away. Bran and his friends unintentionally meet up with Jon Snow’s crew while hiding in a stone tower after the wildings find the horse breeder.  They intend to kill him and try to force Jon to do the dirty work so he can prove himself.  He can’t do it so Ygritte does it instead and a massive fight breaks out that is broken up by Bran’s wolves that Bran possesses. Bran decides he is going beyond the wall to find the three-eyed crow but he refuses to take his wilding lady and the youngest Stark boy.  Osha takes off into the night with the young one in hopes of returning him to his family.

Meanwhile, back in Khaleesi’s territory – the top brass of her army try to break into a city and end up being sieged by guards that the cocky mercenary was sure wouldn’t be a problem.  In the end, the slaves that were fighting them laid down their swords and allowed the sacking.  Freedom is much sweeter than loyalty.

Back at House Tully, the wedding proceedings begin and the bride is a mystery – turns out she is a knockout and Robb’s man (doing the marrying in lieu of Robb) is now happy with his fate.  The Dog and Arya arrive at the wedding ceremony a few minutes too late to pose as a hog farmer and daughter but Arya takes her moment to sneak in only to realize that all the soldiers of Frey have now attacked and killed Robb, his wife, Catelyn, and all the Stark soldiers in the name of Lannister.   Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!  It was a blood bath and simply brutal to watch.  I wish Catelyn would’ve killed Frey as well, she could have thrown her dagger and nailed him in the head.  Just as everyone dies, the dog knocks out Arya and takes her away to ensure her safety.  Poor girl.


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