A diary of my venture into Veganism for a week…

Vegan Yummies (Image Credit: www.seanandlauren.com/)

Vegan Yummies (Image Credit: http://www.seanandlauren.com/)

Going vegan is a big commitment and a lot of work. I decided to attempt going vegan for a week firstly, to cleanse my body (and see if I felt any significant difference) and secondly, because I’m going to Costa Rica soon (and any and every attempt to tone, tighten and slim is being taken until then). Cutting out a lot of unnecessary foods seemed like a good way to accomplish both so I buckled down and gave it a try. Here is my account of the few days I attempted veganism and my take on it.

Day 1:

To begin my vegan journey, I decided to go to the grocery store Earth Fare and pick up some essential items for my upcoming meals. After scouring the Internet for a good vegan dinner, I decided upon zucchini pasta. Whilst in Earth Fare. I had some trouble avoiding the cheese section, especially as I heard a nice Parmesan calling my name. I left relatively unscathed toting ingredients for my dinner as well as a vegan pomegranate ice cream. The ice cream was good; my dinner was not. It wasn’t that my dinner didn’t taste good- in fact all the individual flavors were quite good. I think it was the fact that the consistency of my dinner felt so squishy. Tofu isn’t exactly the most appetizing texture when accompanied by limp strands of zucchini. Better luck tomorrow.

Day 2:

I ate a burrito. No not a fancy vegan burrito, I ate a pork burrito covered in cheese. Paging doctor worse-vegan-ever. It’s been one day and I have already failed. The truth is- I’m not that upset about it. I didn’t try the vegan thing so I could label myself as a vegan.  This is more of an experiment for an eating-alterative to better my health. I’m not a vegan, but I can still try to eat primarily vegan in attempt to curb my desire for processed foods and fatty pork burritos (oops). For dinner, I suppose I will shamefully have a bowl of fruit and nuts.

Day 3:

Fruit and Nut Bowl (Image Credit: Flickr User Lablasco)

Fruit and Nut Bowl (Image Credit: Flickr User Lablasco)

I had some very good Naan bread today. Carbs and I go together like white on rice. Today has been a completely vegan day. I woke up and had a strawberry and watermelon smoothie, which was delicious. I mixed in almond milk and it made it quite tasty. For lunch, I will have a large bowl of assorted fruits and nuts and maybe some leftover beans from my family’s dinner last night. Dinner is yet to be planned out, but it will most likely follow a similar meal. Being vegan is hard for lazy people who don’t like to plan out their meals.

Day 4:

Surprise! Naan bread isn’t vegan. I thought I was finally doing so well! I didn’t realize that Naan was made with milk and eggs. I blame Naan for cheating on my vegan diet. You lied to me Naan, I thought you were a regular grain, but I was mistaken. My meals were so boring today that I will not even recite them back to you. I am sure there are plenty of great recipes for vegans that I am not finding. This is the day I realized I was meant to consume cheese and meat (From animals raised on happy farms with lots of land and hormone free of course).

Day 5:

This day has been so boring food-wise. I had some fruit, vegetables and nuts. It was so healthy it hurt my soul a little bit. I should look up some more recipes but I lack the motivation to do so.

Day 6:

Today, I am going to my best friend’s lake house for a weekend and she is notorious for always having the ingredients to make salami mini sandwiches. This is where my vegan journey is set to end. I apologize to the part of myself that would like to eat more of a vegan-based diet. I enjoy cheese too much. My will is too weak.

To any of you who practice veganism, my hat is off to you. This is no easy feat when you are raised on an American diet of double portions of meat and carbs. Unfortunately, even though most of my meals were vegan for the better part of five days I felt no change in my energy levels. Maybe it’s because I didn’t really do it very well for very long, but alas I give up! I did enjoy eating the larger portions of vegetables and fruits though. I usually will be up for fast food like Chic Fil A at any given time, but my lack of generally unhealthy meals has made me cringe at the idea of anything fried or char boiled.  However, until my next vegan whim strikes I shall continue my cheese eating, milk drinking, carnivorous ways!



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