20 Questions with ‘The Sea of Tranquility’ Author Katja Millay

Author Katja Millay & The Sea of Tranquility (Image Credit: Katja Milly)

Author Katja Millay & The Sea of Tranquility (Image Credit: Katja Milly)

The characters in Katja Millay’s debut novel The Sea of Tranquility are so multi-faceted that they’ll break your heart, give you hope, and make you laugh, sometimes all at once! Part of the reason they feel so complex (and therefore real) is Millay’s amazingly fleshed out characterization throughout the book. From the main players, to their quirky friends and relatives, we get to find out so many details about the characters’ personalities and interests in The Sea of Tranquility… so we thought it might be fun to ask Author Katja Millay twenty questions inspired by her characters (and a few just for fun) to find out a little more about the author too! 

Read on for 20 Questions with Author Katja Millay, and don’t forget to enter to win a signed copy of The Sea of Tranquility here on The Daily Quirk!

The Daily Quirk: If you could pick any name for yourself what would it be?

Katja Millay: I couldn’t decide on a female name because there were too many and I wanted them all so I’m cheating and telling you what I’d pick if I were male which would be Lachlan.  It means belligerent which my husband would probably say is fitting.

TDQ: What do you collect?

KM: Books

TDQ: What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream?

KM: Cinnamon – which is almost impossible to find, but so, so incredible.

TDQ: Do you play any instruments OR What instrument do you wish you learned to play?

KM: Piano

TDQ: What did you hang on your walls as a teenage girl?

KM: Poems I loved and posters of bands of the Metallica ilk.  It was an eclectic decorating scheme.

TDQ: Who would you dream cast as Nastya, Josh, and Drew?

KM: I’m useless when it comes to casting.  I have absolutely no clue.  I’ve never found anyone who completely embodies the vision I have for each of them.

TDQ: What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

KM: When I’m not writing, I love to read.  My TBR pile gets bigger by the day.  I’m an addict.  My problem is that I am doomed to never get to the bottom of it because there simply isn’t enough time.  It’s depressing to look at so many unread books!

TDQ: If you could dump some change in a fountain today, what would your wish be?

KM: As Nastya would say, “I can’t tell you that!”

Would you prefer…

Feet on the table or Coasters? Coasters

Sweet tooth or All about salty & savory? I love both but if I had to pick – sweet tooth.

A hot day inside with the AC watching soaps or Outside going for a swim? AC

Home Economics & Baking or Shop & Woodworking? Shop & Woodworking

Go for a Run or Take a Self Defense Class? Self-Defense Class

Write in a notebook or Type on the computer? Write in a notebook

Wake up early or Stay up late? Wake up early

Wearing all black or Lots of color?  All black

No talking for a week or No writing for a month? No talking for a week

An afternoon at the symphony or An art museum? Symphony

Formal Sunday Dinner or Tons of Takeout? Tons of Takeout

A date with Josh or Drew? Hmmm….If I’m forced to choose, Josh wins out.  I’m not sure I could handle Drew.

That Daily Quirk would like to thank Katja Millay for making us a stop on her book tour celebrating The Sea of Tranquility’s print birthday! To find out more about the The Sea of Tranquility, read our Review, check out our Full Length Interview with Katja Millay, or visit Simon & Schuster for info on the book, the author, and where you can pick up a copy for yourself!

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