Tips To Help You Fall Asleep Faster!

Sleep (Image Credit: Pedro Ribeiro Simões)

Sleep (Image Credit: Pedro Ribeiro Simões)

We all have those restless nights where all we want is nothing more than to get a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately, however, sometimes that is simply not possible considering how cluttered our minds tend to get. Our minds get filled with whatever occurred during the day, problems in our life, deadlines, and so much more. No matter how hard we try, sometimes falling asleep can seem like the most arduous task ever.

Fear not, though, for I have some useful tips to help you make the most out of your night and make your voyage to dreamland more effective!

  • Take a hot bath (candles optional!) — Taking a hot bath should immediately put you in a state of relaxation and also give you time to meditate and reflect on the day’s happenings. If you can, make that bath a bubble bath and accompany it with some soft relaxing music.
  • Wear comfortable clothes — This is common sense, however, try to opt for loose-fitting clothing that you have room to move in. Lightweight clothing you can’t really feel will ensure you feel more relaxed. I don’t know about you, but if I have any kind of tight clothing on, I can pretty much guarantee I won’t be falling asleep any time soon.
  • Put on a calming scented lotion — I don’t mean just any lotion, more so one with a soft scent that will be sure to help the drowsiness kick in. I’m talking the likes of lavender, vanilla, or chamomile; anything warm and pleasant that will further relax your mood. Not only will the soft scent make you feel tired, but the fact that it also moisturizes and softens your skin will make your bed sheets feel extra nice!
  • Drink a hot beverage — Opt for a soothing warm drink to get extra comfortable before bed. Warm drinks like hot chocolate and decaf tea represent comfort in my opinion. Especially when poured into a large mug, it just screams BED TIME! (Or rather, soothingly whispers it).
  • Read a book — Reading a book before going to bed allows you to focus on one task and not be swept away by other distractions. Before you know it, your eyelids will start to droop and you’ll be knocked out in no time.
  • Turn off all electronics — If you’re surrounded by electronics before going to bed, you can pretty much guarantee you’ll be kept up many minutes, even hours longer. The light LCD screens emit stimulates brain activity and will only serve to make you restless and super cranky the next day. So when your buddy decides to keep texting you, be clear and say you need some sleep! I speak from experience when I say late night texting is a trap! Also, if you must have the television on as you fall asleep, try setting an alarm on the TV so it can automatically power off or alert you to turn it off. Not only will late night television cause you to stay up longer and make you cranky the next morning, but when you see your electricity bill, you will certainly have a reason to be angry!
  • Play relaxing sounds — Listening to soft music or simulated natural sounds like rain or crashing waves is an exception when it comes to electronic technology since hearing these simulations can be very calming. If you like the sound of rain at night, a good website to visit before bed is

While there are plenty more ways you can approach your bedtime ritual, these are just some tips I have that can ensure a better night’s sleep and put distractions at bay. Hopefully these work out the next time you find yourself struggling to get some shut-eye!


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