Meet Lauren Conrad on her ‘Infamous’ Book Tour!

Infamous Book Tour

Infamous by Lauren Conrad (Image Credit: Lauren Conrad)

Calling all Lauren Conrad fans! At only 26, Conrad is a fashion designer, lifestyle blogger and bestselling author.  The third installment of The Fame Game series, Infamous, will be on shelves June 11th, and we have all the inside scoop.

Infamous will be the third book in Conrad’s second trilogy that follows The Fame Game reality show. Main character Madison Parker attempts to deviate from her TV star status by avoiding PopTV cameras. Madison knows she will go back to the show but she wants it to be on her terms. Fame can turn a girl into a pawn and she doesn’t want to be one.

Madison’s costars quickly learn the negative side of fame when up-and-coming actress Carmen attempts to find out who is feeding gossip about her to the press – especially when all signs point to a friend. Madison knows Trevor will soon come groveling; and the press has dubbed Kate as “the boring one,” yet she is the one with the boyfriend and a stalker.

Kate Hayes, Madison Parker and Carmen Curtis are the L.A. ‘it girls’ learning what it means to be big stars while dealing with backstabbing friends, crazy paparazzi and an array of scandal. The Fame Game is a reality television show that portrays the girls’ soaring careers and intricate love lives. But does chasing their dreams and becoming infamous come at too high a price?

Conrad is known for her MTV reality star status as one of the main characters in both the high school drama Laguna Beach and her own spinoff series, The Hills. Her novels are published by HarperCollins.

The Daily Quirk will be bringing you an exclusive interview with Lauren Conrad  in mid-June where we discuss Infamous (and other exciting developments), but you don’t have to wait that long to find out more about Conrad. You can meet the star yourself on her nationwide book tour for Infamous, which kicks off in L.A. the day of the book’s release, June 11th, and will travel to the following cities on the following dates:

Tuesday June 11th: Los Angeles, California

Barnes & Noble at The Grove Farmers Market at 7:00 pm

189 The Grove Drive, Suite K 30


Wednesday June 12th: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Boswell Book Company at 7:00 pm – *Event with Kohl’s

2559 North Downer Ave


Thursday June 13th: Naperville, Illinois

Anderson’s Bookshop at 7:00 pm

123 West Jefferson Ave


Monday June 17th Burlington, Massachusetts

Barnes & Noble at 7:00 pm

98 Middlesex Parkway


Tuesday June 18th: Petaluma, California

Copperfield’s Books at 7:00 pm

140 Kentucky Street


Be sure to pick up your copy of Infamous on June 11th and to come out and meet Lauren Conrad at the book tour date in your city!


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