How to get the perfect eyebrows!

Eyebrow (Image Credit: Yuri Arcurs)

Eyebrow (Image Credit: Yuri Arcurs)

What is the first thing you notice when you look at someone? Our eyes, and more specifically our eyebrows.

The eyebrow is a sacrosanct part of a woman’s body. It can really make or break you in the looks department. You may be thinking: how can a few stray hairs over my eyes really make that much of a difference? But they really do.  It is a distinguishing feature that sets us apart from everyone else.

Proportioned and shaped eyebrows are absolutely essential to the face.

Good proportion and symmetry are necessary for any good eyebrow.  Having eyebrows that are even and clean are of utmost importance; higher on the totem pole than any trend out there.

The arch is the quintessential element of the eyebrow. A good arch can make you look younger, fresher and sexier; while a lackluster arch, or flat brows, can make you look tired and angry.

One basic tip for a good brow is finding the appropriate length. You want your eyebrows to start in the corner of your eye and end at the end of your eye. Dragging them out past the edge of your eye will make you look like a cheap drag queen.  Also, notice how I used “eyebrows”, that’s plural meaning there should be two…

To have perfect eyebrows you have to understand your facial features and shape; these make a difference to what you can pull off.

For the dramatic arch, you must have the right cheekbones and structure to accompany them.  People with a heart or circle-shaped face can typically pull this dramatic arch off.  As long as they are not too thick, which can make your face look fatter; a high arch can be very aesthetically pleasing.

Oval faces can also take quite an arch; keep in mind, however, that with an oval face you will want to keep your brows shorter in length to keep them in proportion with your more narrow face.

If you have a long face you’ve got to keep it simple. Go for a straighter eyebrow. Stay away from any arch; keep it tapered and classic.

If you have a square face, you already have strong facial features and you do not need to add aggressive eyebrows to the mix. Look for a subtler arch and go for the curve instead.  The happy medium between flat and arched is just what you are looking for.

If this is all gibberish to you because you aren’t sure what face shape you have; well you’re going to have to spend some quality time in a mirror or wait for my how-to-guide on that.

Eyebrows trends change just as frequently as fashion does. As of today, many are going all natural. The thick eyebrow is not overly groomed, but still in control. Note: a full brow does not mean you have a get-out-of-plucking free card; your “full eyebrows” should not impair your vision. They call it “full,” not caterpillar.

To get a quick fix for a night out in between waxings, go for the tweezers.  They are painful, but it will keep you from overdoing it. We have a tendency to over-pluck, so don’t try to get fancy with it. Get rid of the strays along your natural brow line and leave it at that.

If you do go overboard you will be forced to draw your eyebrows on.The positive to that is you can then draw out your perfect eyebrow, but this probably isn’t ideal.

You should keep up your tweezing at least once every week or two to keep them from going astray. This will keep them maintained so they don’t lose shape once you find the style that works best for you. To keep them looking professionally perfect year round, you will need to schedule a waxing appointment every two weeks.

If you’re not into waxing, you can also try having your eyebrows threaded. This is equally as painful as waxing, and a little confusing as to how it works. It looks like a harmless piece of string, but suddenly you have hairs being ripped out left and right. But it gets the job done, and done well.

But the pain is worth it. Having those picturesque eyebrows will make you feel like a whole new woman!

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