Quirky Item of the Week: Keds

Keds (Image Credit: Keds)

Keds (Image Credit: Keds)

Did you know that Keds are 97 years old?  That’s right, Keds were created in 1916. The originals were called The Champion. Then in 1926, the Triumph shoes were made for men who played tennis (and for general fun-seekers). In 1938, the Kedettes, the first comfortable high-heeled shoes for women, were created. The Boosters were created in the 1950s as a dapper and casual shoe. The Pointers were created in the 1960s as a slender and sleek shoe for groovy ladies. The original Champion style made a comeback in the 1970s.  Keds became the “It” look in the 1980s.  In 2007, Nanette Lepore created a fun and flirty line of women’s Keds. Keds broke into the clothing line business in 2011. And most recently, in 2013, Keds and Taylor Swift teamed up together for a new line of shoes.

At Keds.com, you will find the complete collection of Keds canvas shoes, including Taylor Swift’s limited edition RED Keds. They carry the full selection of women’s and men’s Champion Originals, a wide assortment of fashion sneakers and women’s slip-ons, their own Keds.com exclusive sneakers, and even extended widths and sizes for women and men.

I remember wearing Keds as a little girl. As I got older, they weren’t that popular anymore. Within the past few years, they have made a comeback. Thanks to my girl Taylor Swift, Keds are becoming a fashion icon once again. I own the limited edition RED Taylor Swift Keds and the original navy blue Keds. I plan on getting more in the future. They are quite comfortable and very fashionable. You can wear them with just about anything- they go great with dresses, jeans, capris, and shorts.

Fashion trends come and go, but I think Keds are here to stay.

Liz Forward

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