Movie Review: ‘Man of Steel’

Amy Adams as Lois Lane and Henry Cavill as Superman in MAN OF STEEL (Image Credit: Warner Bros.)

Amy Adams as Lois Lane and Henry Cavill as Superman in MAN OF STEEL (Image Credit: Warner Bros.)

Woweeezowie…it almost hurts (in a good way) to watch Henry Cavill play Superman because he is so ridiculously hot.  Chest, arms, deep endless blue eyes, abs, chest, perfect smile, arms…I don’t know where to focus.  For the record, there IS a shirtless scene in this film and it is worth seeing.  My friend, who has been married for years and is usually less vocal about male hotness than I, couldn’t stifle a “whoa, I mean, wow” when he stepped out of the water sans top.  If you hadn’t already fallen in love with him in The Tudors, which I had – Duke of Suffolk  (swoon!), you will undoubtedly fall under his spell after watching him play one of the most iconic super heroes of all time.

Aside from the unbelievable hotness of Mr. Cavill, Man of Steel was relatively well done although I assign its success to two actors in particular: Henry Cavill (of course) and Michael Shannon.  Without these two incredible actors, the film would be just another super hero movie with new fancy CGI tricks, but not much else to say.  However, these two men managed to pull off very intriguing performances in spite of the fanciful pyrotechnics and special effects.  Cavill’s Cal Ell (aka, Clark Kent – aka, Superman) was pensive, tortured, distraught, and brave – a somewhat darker less carefree version of the well-known character.  I felt like he touched every viewer who’d ever been bullied – for that, I say  “Bravo, Henry, bravo.”  I suppose I should also thank the screenwriter for that as well.  As for Michael Shannon, the man just plays a crazed villain so well – I think it’s his eyes, they are definitely crazy eyes.

Let me not forget to give props to Kevin Costner for playing a character he was born to play, the all American father of Clark Kent.  It was as if Costner had finally made his way back to the cornfield where we’d all fell in love with him so long ago.  Although his character wasn’t significant, he was classic Costner and I enjoyed seeing him.

One irk, Amy Adams as Lois Lane – meh.  I normally love Amy Adams, I think she can be a brilliant actress, but I didn’t feel like she fit this role nor did she have chemistry with her leading man.  Something was missing or maybe it is just her star persona that makes it ill fitting.  She is known for her lightness, humor, naïveté not a bold, driven, ball breaker.  Her Lois Lane just didn’t ring true for me.

As for overall character development, I think there was a lot missing from everyone but Superman.  Lois Lane had virtually zero background other than being a Pulitzer Prize winner – whoopy doo.  In character development’s stead, there was a ridiculously long fight sequence between hero and villain.  It was overdone to the point of boring me, I only want to see two men throw each other through buildings so many times.  The movie is two and a half hours long and there is probably thirty minutes of just that fight sequence.

Regardless of its faults, I found Man of Steel entertaining and a welcome new take on an old favorite.  I am looking forward to the inevitable sequel but only if Henry Cavill is still Superman.  Otherwise, it might not be worth watching.



One thought on “Movie Review: ‘Man of Steel’

  1. codabun says:

    After Avengers and Iron Man, Man of Steel was the most excruciating superhero movie I’ve seen. It seemed so staged and scripted, like a high school play, I swear. I found myself rolling my eyes throughout the movie. The action scenes and Cal’s attractiveness just weren’t enough to keep me interested. They might as well have photoshopped a mannequin wearing a cape. I like complexity and depth. I want a villain I can sympathize for. I want a hero whose as imperfect as I am. Iron Man’s an asshole, for example, and it’s great. It adds a million dimensions to the movie. Superman is such a standard superhero.

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