Book Review: ‘Infamous’ by Lauren Conrad

Infamous (Image Credit: Lauren Conrad)

Infamous (Image Credit: Lauren Conrad)

In Infamous Lauren Conrad’s third and final installment of The Fame Game Series, main character Madison Parker is used to getting what she wants. But now that Trevor, her ex-boyfriend, is out of the picture the PopTv reality television crew is doing their best to replace him with lackluster substitutes… and Madison isn’t falling for any of them. With back stabbing friends and relentless paparazzi, Madison is beginning to realize that having fame and being comes with a price.

Meanwhile anonymous sources are spreading gossip to the press about Parker’s co-star, up and coming actress Carmen Curtis. What’s weird is that this gossip could only be coming from her closest friends.

Kate Hayes has been dubbed “the boring one” and is out to reinvent herself, but she looses control of the situation very fast. Let’s just say it involves a stalker. Madison begrudgingly advises Kate on how to work the reality TV system, letting her in on the right things to say and when to say them. But Kate may take the advice a little too far.

Conrad’s trilogy will close with the three starlets coming face to face with the reality of fame. How much are the three willing to give up in order to become infamous?

I thought this was such a great way to end such a highly entertaining and scandalous series. Conrad touches on the harsh reality of the entertainment business and its affect on young stars that are dealing with first loves, heartbreak, friendships and careers. Tabloids create scandal with harsh headlines and as a young Hollywood starlet the media attention can be hard to navigate. It is such a guilty pleasure to see how reality television works through Conrad’s lens. I like that we got to see Madison pushed to her limits instead of being the center of attention. Either way you slice it – this final book is a juicy, must read!

Infamous is published by HarperCollins Publishers and is currently available in book stores everywhere. You can follow Lauren on her fashion and lifestyle blog at



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