5 Things I Learned from the ‘Closed Circuit’ Trailer

Eric Bana as Martin Vickers in CLOSED CIRCUIT (Image Credit: Focus Features)

Eric Bana as Martin Vickers in CLOSED CIRCUIT (Image Credit: Focus Features)

Earlier this month, the first trailer for Closed Circuit was released. While I hadn’t heard of the movie before, the cast list intrigued me. Eric Bana (Hulk, The Time Traveler’s Wife, Hanna) and Rebecca Hall (The Town, Iron Man 3) play defense attorneys in London who are called upon to defend an international terrorist when the case gets – let’s just say – “complicated.” Check out the list of things I learned from the trailer, and check out the movie when it hits theaters on August 28th.

“Closed Circuit” refers to CCTV

Before seeing the trailer, I really wanted to know what the film’s title referred, and I feel like I should have known it referred London’s hundreds of thousands CCTV (closed-circuit television) cameras. The trailer first introduced this fact by opening on a panel of camera footage, ostensibly taken from CCTV cameras, and continued to hammer the point home throughout with many more shots from these cameras, along with taglines like “Everyone is being watched.”

Don’t fraternize with coworkers

As the trailer implies, it can obviously compromise your job, but what I find more interesting than the main characters having sex (this is a movie, after all) is the fact that the two are ex-lovers, not current lovers. I don’t quite know how that fits into the movie, based on the very little we’re given to go on in the trailer, but I expect it would complicate both the case and the whole running for their lives thing. I just hope they’re not forced back into a relationship only to please the audience.

We get a look at court life in England

I’m probably one of only a few people excited about this, but I like the glimpses of England’s court system we get in the trailer. It’s one of the reasons I actually watched all of Season One of Law and Order: UK, after all. Since court life in England is different and yet similar to the U.S. court system I’m used to, I’m glad that a movie about British lawyers makes sure to put us in the court room.

Action, Action, and more Action

Although it takes a little bit to set up the premise, the last 30 seconds of the trailer rocket into action sequence after action sequence, including several murders or attempted murders, explosions and a lot of running. I’m not one for a lot of complicated and involved action scenes, so I’m pleased to see that these look suitably intense while remaining within the grounds of reality.

Trust No One

Okay, so I’ve been watching a lot of The X-Files lately, but the maxim holds true in this tense trailer. Nothing is what it seems from the very beginning, and the government is withholding evidence. The biggest shock in the trailer comes when we learn that the terrorist is actually a double agent for the British government, a government that is watching every move the lawyers make. And if they don’t like what they see? Well, as Julia Stiles’ character says, “Defense lawyers who ask the wrong sorts of questions, they’re expendable.”


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