5 things we learned from the new ‘One Direction: This Is Us’ trailer

One Direction

Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles and Niall Horan in ONE DIRECTION: THIS IS US (Image Credit: Christie Goodwin / TriStar Pictures)

The full trailer for One Direction: This Is Us, the 3D documentary film directed by Morgan Spurlock and starring UK pop group One Direction, hit the internet earlier this week. Being a 1D fan, I was planning on seeing the movie (which will be released August 30th) regardless of the content of the trailer, but it was still fun to get a teaser of what’s to come. Here are some things we learned from the new trailer:

This movie was obviously made for fans.

From the fan interviews sprinkled throughout the trailer to fan service shots of Harry flirting with a middle-aged bakery worker and Zayn telling Niall how to eat miso soup, it’s clear that director Morgan Spurlock knows how to cater to his target audience.

Behind-the-scenes footage dominates.

Apparently there will be some live concert footage in the movie, but it doesn’t seem to be the focus. The film is advertised as containing live footage, and the trailer does have a few clips of the boys performing live, but it looks like it will take a backseat to off stage footage of the guys meeting fans, goofing around, and being generally photogenic.

There is (partial) nudity.

The movie will contain shirtless Harry Styles and, for those of you with more refined taste, shirtless Liam Payne. That’s what you really wanted to know, right? It’s just too bad that most of these guys (especially Harry) have ruined their bodies with huge, hideous tattoos. Sigh.

The buzzword is “normal.”

The film will emphasize 1D’s humble roots and how grounded the boys still are despite their fame. In the trailer we see Zayn buy his family a house and Harry revisit the bakery he worked at pre-fame; and hear interviews of the boys discussing how “normal” they are. The movie will surely expand on this and also include more vignettes for Niall, Liam and Louis.

Everything is GIF’able.

One Direction fans are incredibly active on tumblr and they very quickly gif any 1D moment they deem worthy. And in the case of this trailer, that’s pretty much everything. That’s good news for fans on tumblr, since if a 3 ½ minute trailer can spawn hundreds of gifs, just think of how many gifs will result from a 2 hour movie! It also indicates that fans are eating up this trailer and will likely devour the movie with equal enthusiasm.

Bonus fun fact: The trailer also contains a previous of the brand new One Direction song, Best Song Ever!

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