Your First Time… Getting a Facial

Facial (Image Credit: Leah-Anne Thompson)

Facial (Image Credit: Leah-Anne Thompson)

Forget the sleepovers where you and your girlfriends would mash up avocados and oils and then smear them onto your faces paired with slices of cucumbers for eyes. Those were fun and left us all with a couple of scary pictures, but it’s safe to say they didn’t really do anything. Your first time getting a facial at a spa or dermatologist however, will be quite different with more rewarding effects.Instead of walking around the house with avocado running down your face and rocking out to some pop music; your experience at the spa should start with a quaint, dimmed room that has a faint sound of the ocean playing in the background. As you undress (because for some reason you have to be completely naked) and lay under the sheet on a perfectly sized bed, you close your eyes and the journey begins.

Of course facials are meant to cleanse your skin from all the damage caused by too much make-up and oils from your hands (or not cleaning your phone screen), but they are also meant to let you unwind a bit while else pampers you.

As the dermatologist begins to apply the gel or cream, tracing their fingertips around your bone structure, it might feel a little tingly. I think that means it’s working! The process of applying creams and gels, then washing them off and then applying them again might get a little annoying – especially if you’re not used to sitting still for a long period of time – but use that process as a way to drift off to sleep and forget about whatever was worrying you.

Okay, so I might have lied a tad when I said the whole experience was going to be a relaxing one. There is no beauty without pain, right?

There comes a point when, through your closed eyelids, you see a bright light shining down on your face. At first you may think it’s all over, but then hands start to squeeze at the zit on the side of your nose that you’ve tried to disguise with loads of cover up. After the two index fingers release from that spot, they move to other locations, squeezing zits that you didn’t know existed. Be patient, it won’t last more than 5 minutes.

When the session is all over and done, your face will gleam from ear to ear. Some dermatologists will recommend different products that will remedy any particular problems you may have had. If your face is too dry, a certain lotion might be suggested, or if your face is too oily, they might recommend a new facial cleanser.

Facials are not meant to be weekly visits. After all, depending on where you go they might be a little on the expensive side. Once you get started, try to get a facial once a month to cleanse your skin all of all its toxins.

In the meantime, go about washing your face as regularly as possible. Drink plenty of water, and avoid tons of make-up. Make-up clogs the pores and often creates blackheads (the more stubborn friend of your common pimple). Finally, leave the zit squeezing to the professionals. It seems almost impossible to not pick at the red blemish that interrupts the rest of an otherwise smooth complexion, but leave it alone! Let the dermatologist get it out the right way. Otherwise, you might end up with a scar that will be much harder to get rid of.

That is the skinny on getting a facial. Now that you know what to expect, why not give it a try? You’ll lose a couple of unwanted blemishes, gain a relaxing experience and replenish your skin all in one sitting!


2 thoughts on “Your First Time… Getting a Facial

  1. beautytherapystudent says:

    I loved reading this, it did make me giggle a bit. If it makes you feel any better the spot squeezing bit isn’t fun for us either – there is nothing worse than one of those buggers that just doesn’t want to budge! so frustrating as we really do want to leave you skin looking the best we can 😀

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