Google Earth is a Strange Place to Visit

Pigeon People (Image Credit: Google Earth)

Pigeon People (Image Credit: Google Earth)

Google Earth is a place where the most unusual things can be found. While a lot of the extraordinary scenes you see on Google Earth are humorously staged by people- others are not. Take for example the mysterious lake that appears to contain water that runs blood red in this Google Earth image.  Strange occurrences like this one stir up lots of internet hype and sometimes even UFO theories.

Personally, I like to see what interesting things my fellow earthmen have staged for me to view on Google Earth. For example, the “frogmen” from Norway dressed in scuba and snorkeling gear that chased after the Google street view van. They goofily waddled down the street in swimming fins yielding weapons while running after the van.

There is also the man, who on two occasions, was seen wearing a horse mask standing in the streets of Aberdeen, Scotland watching the Google street view van. These images have since been removed from street view, but continue to spread on the internet. Nobody knows who the horseman is but he is certainly gaining attention.

I’m curious as to why eight individuals in Japan would wear pigeon masks and stand creepily lining a trail but hey whatever floats your boat right?

What about the naked man crawling out of his car trunk next to a dog that appears to be either asleep or dead in Germany? What’s up with that? Or the girl that is laying facedown on an empty street in a UK town What possible reason could she have to be laying lifelessly in a street in broad daylight? Unless she was drunk or eating gum off the pavement I’m not sure I want to know.

After seeing these various individuals staging (hopefully) these scenes for the rest of us to view online I have one question. Really how bad is unemployment?


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