David Anders: “I will be back!” Dr. Whale to return to ‘Once Upon a Time’

David Anders as Dr Whale in ONCE UPON A TIME (Image Credit: ABC)

David Anders as Dr Whale in ONCE UPON A TIME (Image Credit: ABC)

Once Upon a Timefans might be chomping at the bit for the Season 3 premiere at the end of September and we’ve got some information about the future of one of the hit show’s stars!

In an exclusive interview with The Daily Quirk that will release later this month, David Anders, the man behind the charming-yet-slightly-tragic Dr. Whale/Victor Frankenstein, revealed that he will be returning to Storybrooke in Season 3. Sadly, we won’t see the doctor in the first episode, but Anders’ “I will be back!” is enough to get us excited for his eventual return.

The last time we saw Dr. Whale, he was on the wrong side of one Mr. Gold a la power trip. But before that, he was having an existential crisis over the fact that he wanted his name (Frankenstein, that is) to be associated with life, not monsters. However, Ruby talked him down from the edge and convinced him that the curse had given them all a second chance to do something good with their lives, at which point Whale returned to the hospital and performed a life-saving surgery on an outsider to Storybrooke.

It also seemed like sparks might begin to fly between Ruby and Dr. Whale at the end of last season, but with Meghan Ory’s Intelligence pilot being picked up by CBS, it’s unclear whether or not Ruby will be returning to the show. As Storybrooke’s favorite wretch, he’ll most likely find another lovely lady to woo, but little else can be speculated about what could happen with Dr. Whale in Season 3 with so many of the show’s characters split between different worlds.

Either way, we can’t wait to see what Storybrooke has in store for the town doctor.

For the full interview with Anders, check back with The Daily Quirk on July 22!

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