Everything I Ever Needed To Know I Learned From… ‘Mean Girls’

Lacey Chabert as Gretchen Wieners, Rachel McAdams as Regina George, Lindsay Lohan Cady Heron and Amanda Seyfried as Karen Smith in MEAN GIRLS (Image Credit: Paramount Pictures)

Lacey Chabert as Gretchen Wieners, Rachel McAdams as Regina George, Lindsay Lohan Cady Heron and Amanda Seyfried as Karen Smith in MEAN GIRLS (Image Credit: Paramount Pictures)

It’s rare that a day goes by without something happening in my life that causes a quote from Mean Girls to run through my head. I’m going to assume this means that Mean Girls is the most life-applicable movie ever made, and we could all stand to take some lessons from it.

Be nice to other girls.

Like Ms. Norbury says, “You have all got to stop calling each other sluts and whores. It just makes it okay for guys to call you sluts and whores.” That Ms. Norbury is a smart lady. If ladies don’t respect themselves and each other, it’s hard to expect anyone else to!

Mean Girls Tina Fey

When you’re baffled by healthy eating options, don’t be afraid to settle on cheese fries.

I’m not saying you should eat cheese fries every day. I’m just saying that sometimes food options can be overwhelming. If you try to keep track of every little nutrient or calorie in every bite of your food, that’s going to get awfully overwhelming. Take a page from Regina George and know that sometimes it’s okay to go with a tried and true favorite like cheese fries. Even the queen bee needs a break from micromanaging her food, so I think it’s okay for the rest of us to splurge every now and then too!

A little confidence goes a long way.

Remember when Cady, Janis and Damien try to sabotage Regina by cutting boob holes in her tank top? It doesn’t work, because Regina didn’t let it get to her. She rocked that boob hole tank top with so much fierceness that she started a school-wide trend. Stuff happens. You will encounter these kinds of minor disasters your whole life, but they don’t have to be an embarrassing ordeal. Laugh it off, carry yourself with confidence, and don’t let it get to you.

Rachel-Mcadams Mean-Girls

Glen Coco should be your role model.

Think about it. You never see Glen Coco (aside from the back of his head). You never hear anyone gossiping about Glen Coco. He doesn’t seem to be involved in any of the popular clique drama, but clearly he’s got friends if he managed to snag four Secret Santa candy canes. Glen Coco is an example of how you can be happy and reasonably popular without being in everyone else’s business and causing trouble. Sure, Glen Coco is male and therefore excluded from some of the more cutthroat politics of Mean Girls, but that doesn’t mean ladies can’t follow his example as well.

Glen Coco

Everyone can be a terrible person, but everyone can also be a nice person.

In Mean Girls, Cady starts out as a nice person, but she is seduced by power after getting a taste of being part of the popular clique and learning how to manipulate people. There are a myriad of reasons teenage girls do this sort of thing, but it’s important to remember that we all have the capacity to be horrible people. This might seem like a depressing observation, but actually I think it’s a nice reminder to check yourself. Thinking about spreading some gossip about Trang Pak being a grotsky little beyotch? Think again – it will just make you a jerk, so what’s the point? You don’t have to like everyone, but there’s no reason to be mean about it. Even “evil in human form” Regina George figured that out eventually!

Don’t ever put clothes on hold at a store that only carries sizes 1, 3, and 5.

This is just asking for trouble, really. Especially if you’ve been settling on the cheese fries a lot lately (or accidentally eating 5000 calories a day thanks to a misguided all-carb diet).


And finally: intelligence isn’t something to hide.

Think you need to dumb yourself down to catch the attention of an Aaron Samuels-like hottie? Think again – if your Aaron Samuels is worth your time, he’ll appreciate your brains. Cady learns that the hard way after nearly flunking math class. Learn from her mistakes – it’s just not worth it!

Keep these totally grool lessons in mind and your day will be even more fetch than Gretchen’s!

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