‘Carrie’ prepares to take us back to the horrors of prom night!

Chloe Moretz as Carrie White and Julianne Moore as Margaret White in CARRIE (Image Credit: Michael Gibson / Metro Goldwyn Mayer Pictures and Screen Gems)

Chloe Moretz as Carrie White and Julianne Moore as Margaret White in CARRIE (Image Credit: Michael Gibson / Metro Goldwyn Mayer Pictures and Screen Gems)

It’s not unusual to hear a horror story about a prom going bad. Where your date never shows up and you have to go stag or some girl you hate wears the same dress as you. There have been stories of one of your friends, or yourself, getting way too drunk and just before you get kicked out by the principal, you end up telling your crush (who’s out of your league) how you feel about them. Yes, these stories have happened. We’ve lived it, we’ve also seen it in countless ‘80s flicks. But to be completely honest, there is only one prom story that will stand as the best and most unique of all time.

That film would most definitely be Carrie. The 1976 Brian de Palma flick that gave us blood, a prom that went horribly wrong, telekinesis and a religiously insane mother freaked us out and permanently landed a place in our memories. Although the talk of the film has died since its release, it will be born again in the Carrie remake directed by Kimberly Pierce, coming to theaters this year. This will be the third adaptation to Stephen King’s 1974 novel of the same name.

While Sissy Spacek was the creepiest redheaded prom queen we’ve ever seen, Chloë Grace Moretz will star as the new Carrie White. Julianne Moore will play Margaret White, Carrie’s over bearing and abusive mother.

The movie takes a more modern approach, however the story remains the same. In the official trailer released by Sony Pictures, Julianne Moore sends chills down our spines singing a godly tune while in the background, a girl screams from a locked closet. The trailer shows the favorite and most memorable moments of the original, but the effects definitely have a “whoa” factor never seen before.

Kevin Misher, producer of the film, stated in a discussion at New York Comic Con 2012 that the new adaptation used King’s novel as more of a resource for the relationships between characters as well as the extent of Carrie’s destruction. In the trailer Carrie noticeably takes her supernatural abilities to the streets of her neighborhood, setting things on fire and destroying anything in her path just as she did in the novel. The original film did not depict that degree of destruction, but Misher mentions that because of technology and resources they were able to make everything bigger and more in sync with the novel’s story.

With adaptations, especially those that were already well done, it’s only natural for us to wonder how in the world they’re going to pull it off. Aside from the obvious technological advances, which will set the bar higher in instilling a sense of horror, Moore draws attention to details about the new Carrie.

“Here’s some one who’s actually a teenager in a story about being a teenager,” she said in the Comic Con discussion.

Spacek was in her mid-20s when she took the role, but Moretz is 16. In continuing to make the film a more modern version, the best way to capture what it would be like to be tormented in high school is to cast some one who is essentially still there.

While most critics will continue to compare every detail between the two films, Pierce stated that they can stand alone.

“There’s lots of room out there in terms of bandwidth of ideas. So let’s say that they [Spacek and Piper Laurie] did a brilliant movie and let’s say those performances are fantastic. It doesn’t have to take anything away for this to be a completely modern film, [with] two new people. They can really exist as two separate, equal, incredibly great things,”  she said.

The Carrie adaptation intends to revive the supernatural classic in a mind-blowing and fresh way. Although we will never forget the original, the new film will take us back to Bates High School, where one night and one tub of pig’s blood changed the fate of a dozen classmates and teachers. The film is rated R and will premiere Oct. 18.


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