5 Things Revealed in ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 4 Trailer!

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes in THE WALKING DEAD (Image Credit: Gene Page/AMC)

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes in THE WALKING DEAD (Image Credit: Gene Page/AMC)

This past weekend at Comic-Con in San Diego, fans got a peek at the trailer for the highly anticipated Season 4 of AMC’s The Walking Dead before the season premieres on October 13, and I think I speak for all fans of the show when I say that it was ah-ma-zing! Here is a list of the top 5 things revealed in the trailer.

Even the strongest walls can crumble…

The prison that Rick and his fellow survivors have worked so hard to keep as their own sanctuary from the zombies has started to fall apart. There are now more people there since Rick decided to bring some of the survivors back from Woodbury last season, which means more people to protect since they apparently do no know how to use a weapon (welcome to Carol’s Cutlery Class 101), and more mouths to feed. Legions of zombies have now flocked to the prison lining the gates like a moth to a flame. To make matters even worse, it appears that someone has planned an attack on one of the cellblocks; and needless to say, there were some casualties. It seems like there may be more than just zombies to worry about out there!

Daryl is my hero!

Daryl has progressed throughout the seasons from a simple redneck faithfully following the lead of his strong-willed, albeit racist, older brother Merle, and has transformed into quite the leading man! He fearlessly wanders into a zombie filled grocery store, crossbow in hand, in search of food and supplies. He heroically scooped up a small child during the zombie attack on the cellblock, thus saving the child’s life, even though he is probably now an orphan, seeing as the zombies made his father a human snack pack! He gallantly suggests that in order to keep the group alive, they have to move to survive. Daryl is dominantly featured in the trailer and it looks like he is becoming more caring, more daring, and more of a family man. Swoon.

Who can you trust in a zombie apocalypse?

It turns out you can’t really trust anyone! Well, that might not be true, but you do have to keep your guard up! There are some shady new characters, and plenty of enemies to worry about out there (hello zombies! Not to mention the one-eyed crazy governor hell-bent on revenge!) and from the looks of it in this trailer, tensions are running high. Tyrese seems like he is a ticking time-bomb, Carl is a little bit of a badass with a gun, Hershel has quite a perspective on the way things are shaping up, Daryl is becoming more of a leader, it looks like Rick might be losing his prison given the zombies hanging around and some evil person is lurking around planning attacks on the gang! But you can still find love in the zombie apocalypse! At least that is true for Maggie and Glen, who seem to be tighter than ever, and are possibly planning on leaving the prison, but the question is: with the group, or without the group?

What is the ‘Sanctuary’ and does it even exist?

At the very end of the trailer, there is a scene where Daryl, Michonne and Tyrese are in a car when a mysterious voice comes over the radio with a rather cryptic message: “Sanctuary… those who arrive, stay alive.” Whose voice could it be? Does this mean there are other survivors out there? Is there really a sanctuary? And if so, could this be their chance at salvation? So many questions, but we will have to wait for October 13 to find out!

Season 4 is going to be EPIC!!

If this trailer is any clue, this coming season is going to be quite an adventure. With the introduction of new characters, the passing of Woodbury survivors, zombies attacking the cellblock, enemies lurking outside (or inside!) the prison walls and tensions rising, there is guaranteed to be lots more action, lots more drama, lots more blood, and of course plenty of terrifying zombies! The trailer had me clinging to the edge of my seat, and has left me eagerly awaiting the return of the best zombie show on television!

Watch The Walking Dead Season 4 trailer below to see these exciting revelations for yourself!



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