‘The Lifeguard’: Kristen Bell comes of age in indie flick

Kristen Bell in THE LIFEGUARD (Image Credit: Focus World)

Kristen Bell in THE LIFEGUARD (Image Credit: Focus World)

It’s a good year for the charming Kristen Bell and her fans. Thanks to the Kickstarter campaign, the Veronica Mars movie is a fact – they’ve just finished shooting. Luckily, we don’t have to wait until 2014 to enjoy Bell on the big screen because this summer the coming of age Indie film The Lifeguard will be released.

The lucky few who attended the Sundance Film Festival this year (when are they going to start inviting me?) already got to see The Lifeguard on Jan. 19. The rest of us had to patiently wait and be satisfied with a short synopsis of the film. Fortunately, the waiting is almost over and in the meanwhile we can watch the trailer to get ourselves excited. Some critical voices have uttered the question whether this arrested development film will be good enough to add something valuable to the endless list of movies about grown-ups unable to grow up. It may not be an extremely original concept in the contemporary movie-landscape, but it is typical for our times. I’d say we give this film a fair chance.

“Growing up is optional”

Kristen Bell (Leigh) plays a 30-year-old reporter who runs away from her busy life in New York to move back in with her parents in Connecticut. Leigh is a former valedictorian and successful in life, but at the same time unhappy and confused. She needs a coming-of-age summer to find herself and where better than your childhood home to act like a teenager? She takes on a job as a lifeguard at the local swimming pool and starts a relationship with a minor. Not that creepy? Mind you, Kristen Bell might look forever young, she is indeed a thirty-something whose character is sleeping with a troubled teenager. The MPAA gave the Indie flick, directed by Liz W. Garcia, an R rating for its sexuality, foul language and drug use involving teens and adults. Some other cast members include Mamie Gummer (The Good Wife), Martin Starr (Freaks and Geeks) and John Finn (Cold Case).

The Lifeguard will be released for Video On Demand on July 30 and will hit the theatres exactly one month later.

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