Quirky Item of the Week: Game of Thrones Coasters

Game of Thrones Coasters by Gorgeous Glassware

Game of Thrones Coasters (Image Credit: Gorgeous Glassware)

Like many people, I absolutely love the HBO hit Game of Thrones. After binge-watching every available episode in one week, I got on the waiting list at my local library (behind 127 other people) so I can read the books while I wait for Season 4 to arrive.

You can imagine my delight when a friend shared a link to these Game of Thronesinspired coasters with me on Facebook. Each coaster is decorated with a different imaginary beer label to represent the different characters and families of GoT. Growing up in Wisconsin, beer is a very important part of my culture, so I love that the artist went with fictional beer labels for these coasters rather than the more predictable route of the Game of Thrones family sigils.

Not only are they a nice way to protect your coffee table from cup rings, but they’re also a great conversation piece and an awesome way to subtly display your inner geek. The coasters would also be a great gift for the Game of Thrones enthusiast in your life (they are completely customizable, so you can add dates, names or quotes for a small additional fee).

You can check out all 15 of the coasters at the GorgeousGlassware store on Etsy.

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