DIY Confetti Shirt by Studio DIY

DIY Confetti Shirt (Image Credit: Studio DIY)

DIY Confetti Shirt (Image Credit: Studio DIY)

As much as I like to follow trends and keep up with current fashion looks, I also like to have some individual pieces in my clothing arsenal and I’ve found that some simple DIY projects can be the easiest way to get those pieces. I’m sorry, did I say easiest? I often mean cheapest. They can be the cheapest ways to get those looks!

In June, Studio DIY posted a great tutorial on what Kelly calls her DIY Confetti Shirt that takes a plain white shirt and makes it into a portable party, but not in a cheesy way.

I love this tutorial! It’s a simple way to use potatoes as stamps to give a bit more personality to a plain white t-shirt. Yes, you read that correctly. She cuts the potatoes into that rectangle she uses to stamp the confetti pattern! By using the neons that she does, Kelly now has a new shirt that matches fantastically with those amazing neon shorts! It’s a great fix to the problem of not finding a top to match a skirt or jeans that you found in a shade that is too awesome to pass up.

Kelly uses Martha Stewart craft paint for this shirt, which makes this pretty light on the budget. If you can find colors that you like in some other craft paint brands, it’s totally possible to do this one for an even smaller price tag. Let’s face it though, Martha has all of the very best colors.

One thing that she doesn’t use that I would recommend is a fabric medium. If you aren’t familiar with the stuff, it’s basically a liquid that, when added to craft paint, will help it become more flexible and durable when painted onto fabrics. While these paints do say that they work on fabrics, I did a lot of t-shirt painting as a kid (seriously, I don’t think we ever bought anything that wasn’t a plain shirt to paint on) and I always remember my mom buying that bottle and mixing it in before starting to help the paint be a bit more flexible. Since it’s used in such small areas in this project, it’s probably not necessary, but old habits die hard for me.

DIY Confetti Shirt (Image Credit: Studio DIY)

DIY Confetti Shirt (Image Credit: Studio DIY)

I really love the simplicity of this project, especially because there are so many ways to change it up a bit.

  • Not a fan of neon? Use some different colors!
  • Want to get fancy with the knife? That potato can be cut into any shape you want! (If you can get detailed enough for Christmas lights, that could be fun for the holidays!)
  • Have a white t-shirt with a small but conspicuous stain? This project can COVER IT UP and let you have a whole new shirt!
  • Want more confetti? Add as much as you want, perhaps do a cluster of a whole bunch and then have it get less dense as it moves away from the center! (Though if you do that, you may want to let one color of paint dry before doing the next.)
  • Not sure you want this on a shirt? Do it on a canvas board and hang it up! Add it to white or nude tights for some festive legwear!

Would you do a DIY project like this to create that just right piece for your wardrobe? Would you modify it to fit your needs more?  Do you think she wasted potatoes that would have made for great fries? Leave a comment and let us know what you think! And don’t forget to visit Studio DIY to check out this and all the other great DIY projects on the site!

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