Castor Oil: Nature’s Chia Seed?

Eyelash & Eyebrow Growth (Image Credit: Piotr Stryjewski)

Eyelash & Eyebrow Growth (Image Credit: Piotr Stryjewski)

The beauty world’s best kept secret for promoting growth of eyelashes and over-plucked eyebrows might just be something as simple and as common as castor oil. Many women, including myself, have fallen victim to over-plucking their brows or have skimmed through the pages of magazines only to be left seething with jealousy at the lush beautiful lashes of the women in the beauty ads.

Of course there are solutions out there that can help promote lash growth, such as Latisse, but users have to deal with the hefty price tag and possibly irreversible side effects including redness and increased brown pigmentation; meaning it can change the color of your eyes and cannot be reversed! And once you stop using Latisse, your eyelashes go back to the way they were before you started using it.

Castor oil, on the other hand, has no side effects and is a fraction of the cost! This emollient can be found in everything from perfumes and soaps to hydraulic and brake fluids. Castor oil has a wide range of applications including treating an itchy scalp, being used as a laxative, and inducing labor in pregnant women! One of its many uses is promoting hair growth for eyebrows and lashes. However, if you are planning on using it anywhere near your face, there are a few things that you will need to know.

Does it work?

While there is not really any medical proof yet that applying castor oil to the lashes or brows will promote hair growth, there is plenty of evidence on the Internet that says otherwise. There have been YouTube videos and blog posts dedicated to the wonders of castor oil and its magical properties. Even Anastasia Soare of Anastasia Beverly Hills, the eyebrow guru in Hollywood, suggested using it in The Eyebrow Experiment on Oprah’s website.

Castor Oil Facts

Castor oil is an emollient that comes from the castor been or castor seed that is most commonly sold in the form of a pale yellow or colorless liquid with little to no odor. As mentioned before, it has a variety of uses (including being used to help skin disorders) and has been hailed for its anti-inflammatory properties.  Castor oil is also used to ease muscular pains, headaches and even acne. Since there are so many different uses for castor oil it is important not to use the wrong kind.

The Right Type of Castor Oil

The purest form, and therefore the highest quality, of castor oil that you can find on the market is Jamaican Black Castor Oil. When buying it you will want to make sure that it says ‘cold-pressed’ or ‘cold-processed,’ because this means that it is all-natural and pure. You will want to look for the most raw and unrefined form because then it retains all or nearly all its nutritive properties. Jamaican Black Castor Oil can be found relatively cheap, ranging from $6-$12, and can be purchased at a health food store or from an online retailer such as Amazon or EBay. Castor oil can also be found at your local grocery store, but they may only carry the kind for industrial uses, which you do not want to use on your eyelashes or eyebrows!

Castor Oil Application

For eyelashes: All of the mascara and eyelash curlers we use in our daily beauty routines can weaken the lashes and lead to fallout and loss. Since castor oil is a natural product it will nourish the lashes, and it is non-toxic so it is safe to use around the eyes. To avoid getting any in your eyes, apply it with a q-tip or a clean mascara wand. You might want to apply it at night before you go to bed because it has a bit of a sticky consistency and if applied before makeup, it will lead to a makeup meltdown! Be sure to wash the oil off your eyes in the morning. You may not see results for a few weeks, so be sure to stick to the routine to get the best results.

For eyebrows: If you have fallen victim to over-plucking or waxing your eyebrows, whether it be at your hands or someone else’s, the growing out phase can be miserable. Castor oil, when applied with a q-tip at night, might help your brows grow faster and thicker, possibly even within a few weeks!

So there you have it: next time you get a little heavy handed with the tweezers, or desire the lush lashes you have always dreamed of, go pick up a bottle of castor oil and get the results you want!


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