DIY Mason Jar Shelf by With Lovely

DIY Mason Jar Flower Shelf by With Lovely

DIY Mason Jar Shelf by With Lovely

DIY Mason Jar Shelf (Image Credit: With Lovely)

Lately, my interior design interests have been skewing very “country” and “rustic” feeling. I’ve been on the lookout for small ways to add those kind of design elements to my home, without breaking the budget or any major renovations (knowing my past M.O. of wanting to move onto a whole new theme way too often). My searching recently brought me to With Lovely where I found this wonderful DIY Mason Jar Flower Shelf.

I love the mix of rustic and feminine and I think fresh flowers automatically make a room more cheery. That being said, unless you’re a master gardener, which I am not, keeping a wall mounted shelf freshly stocked with flowers could get pricey and it may look more like a hanging science experience than a pretty accent when empty.  But don’t let that scare you away! If you think you can keep the flowers coming, you’re good to go. If not, you can still utilize this wonderful DIY! A creative commentor on the article suggested using the DIY as a centerpiece and that’s going to be my plan.

I could totally see this DIY making a beautiful Spring and Summer centerpiece, as an accent on a breakfast bar or windowsill in the kitchen, or even on the living room coffee table. If you’re not mounting it, you can use it all those ways depending on how the mood strikes you, and you can also hide it away when you don’t have time to stock it with beautiful buds or in the less flowery feeling Fall and Winter seasons.

The possibilities with this DIY are endless. Paint or stain the shelf to match your decor. Pick out Mason Jars with the glass work that appeals to your taste and go with flowers that tickle your fancy. Throw in the added bonus that it can be used as a shelf or accent piece in just about any room and this DIY is a definite winner. To get the Full DIY instructions, visit With Lovely!

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