Matt LeBlanc, Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer in FRIENDS (Image Credit: Warner Bros.)

5 TV Couples that Ruined Shows

Matt LeBlanc as Joey, Jennifer Aniston as Rachel and David Schwimmer as Ross in FRIENDS (Image Credit: Warner Bros.)

Matt LeBlanc as Joey, Jennifer Aniston as Rachel and David Schwimmer as Ross in FRIENDS (Image Credit: Warner Bros.)

An atrocious on-screen couple can ruin everything we love about our favorite television show.  As loyal and loving fans, we want certain things to happen in the lives of our precious on-screen friends.  Yes, they are made-up, but after spending time with them week after week, we really start to get invested.  Nothing’s worse than when they screw everything up by dating someone who’s totally wrong for them (and nobody knows who they should or shouldn’t date better than the fans, right?).

This is an ode to all of the “WTF’s” we’ve blurted out when witnessing our favorite characters fall victim to an awful relationship.  This is also a way for you to confirm that no, you’re not crazy….there were countless other fans cursing the writers of Friends and Degrassi, too!  Here are the five worst on-screen couples that nearly ruined our favorite sitcoms and dramas.

Rachel & Joey

When did Friends become The Dating Game: Rachel Edition?  The only good TV couples are the ones that the fans root for…and not one single person on God’s green earth rooted for Rachel and Joey.  The fact that they even entertained the idea of being together caused uproar amongst Friends fans everywhere, and cursed the audience with Rachel-and-Ross nostalgia.  Also, “Joey and Rachel” lacks the fun alliteration that comes with saying “Ross and Rachel”.  Joey, you may have won Rachel for awhile…but you lost the fans.

Mila Kunis as Jackie and Wilmer Valderrama as Fez in THAT 70'S SHOW (Image Credit: 20th Century Fox)

Mila Kunis as Jackie and Wilmer Valderrama as Fez in THAT 70’S SHOW (Image Credit: 20th Century Fox)

Jackie & Fez

There was absolutely no reason that Jackie and Fez belonged together on That 70’s Show.  After all, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are (finally) a real-life couple, so I think we can all see who she really should have stayed with.  It’s not like Fez was always in love with Jackie, and we were all waiting for the day that she forgot about Kelso and Hyde to be with him.  It was random and weird, no one wanted to see it. I like to pretend that the last episode never happened.

Emma & Spinner

If you stayed with Degrassi: The Next Generation long enough to see Emma and Spinner get married, you’ve probably experienced the feeling of sheer disappointment.  Emma and Spinner are basically the only two main characters who have never dated each other, so what do they do? GET MARRIED? REALLY?  These two getting married is literally the worst way to finish off that generation of Degrassi students.  Now, we’re stuck with all their little siblings…and knowing that Emma and Spinner are somewhere in Quebec being married. Yikes.

Lena Dunham as Hannah and Patrick Wilson as The Doctor in GIRLS (Image Credit: HBO)

Lena Dunham as Hannah and Patrick Wilson as The Doctor in GIRLS (Image Credit: HBO)

Hannah & The Hot Doctor

Okay, so Girls hasn’t been ruined per se (in fact, it’s still awesome), but the episode where Hannah has a 72-hour fling with a Hot Doctor was a major setback.  The difference in how Patrick Wilson and Lena Dunham look has been discussed to death, but what bothers me has nothing to do with either one’s appearance. On the contrary, the worst part of this episode was that we didn’t get to experience the awkward and imperfect Girls relationships that we love and relate to so much.  It was just way too easy for Hannah and The Doctor to be together.  If I wanted to watch an impossibly perfect relationship flourish, I’d watch Sex and the CityWhere’s Adam at?

George & Dallas

For a show as young as Suburgatory, you’d think the show would let its uneasy sexual tension between George and Dallas linger for another season or two.  Hint: when people finally give in to that tension, their relationship becomes way less interesting to the outside world.   George is meant to be a strong, good-willed father figure, but giving in to someone with countless agendas like Dallas takes away from his character (and gives us less of a reason to tune in).  You couldn’t hold out juuuust a little longer, George?  You’ve let us all down.

Thanks for nothing, guys.

2 thoughts on “5 TV Couples that Ruined Shows

  1. vikkib says:

    I agree Jackie & Fez were hands down the worst endgame couple of all time but how does Mila & Ashton ending up together in real life mean that Jackie & Kelso should have been endgame? They broke up 4 seasons before the series finale and Jackie & Hyde were amazing together & over 80% of the audience wanted them to end up together. Jackie should have ended up with Hyde!

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