5 (Budget Friendly) Summer Beauty Essentials

Budget Summer Beauty

Summer is my favourite season of the year and I know I’m not the only one who feels that way! This year in England we’ve been having more of a “real” summer so far and as the shorts and dresses have come out, so have lots of summery cosmetics. Here are the five essential summer beauty products that you should add to you must haves list this season.

With the heat wave weather, it’s key to have a nice, refreshing fragrance. Body Shop’s Body Mists are really good. They are “gentle and refreshing” and come in “fruity, zesty, floral and even nutty fragrances.” There is a variety of choice to choose from. The fragrances are coconut, strawberry, vanilla, satsuma, mango, pink grapefruit, shea, brazil and moringa. Give them a try and you will smell fantastic all day!

BB creams seem to be very popular at the moment with most brands having one. I decided to try Maybelline since I think it’s a really wonderful brand and their foundations are amazing. Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream, which is for oily skin, is very good find. It is an 8-in-1 BB Cream that helps conceal redness, contains SPF 15, is oil free, hydrates, mattifies, targets blackheads, smoothes and evens skin tone.

Even if you enjoy the sun it may not be your friend. If you don’t tan easily like me, a good solution to look more colourful is to use Rimmel London Natural Bronzer. The natural bronzer adds a nice shine and the velvet soft texture adds a natural bronzed look. It gives a natural warm sun-kissed glow and lasts a long time.

Another great summery beauty product is lip gloss!  Model Co Lip Glosses are amazing, but also practical. Each lip gloss has a mirror on it so that you don’t need to go to bathroom to re-apply. The lip gloss smells amazing and nearly edible.

To finish of off my essential summer beauty products list, I have to mention Accessorize’s pale nail varnish. Pale nail varnish colours are very stylish at the moment and go with most outfits. Accessorize has various shades of pale varnish pale blue, pink, yellow, orange and purple, and they’re all reasonable priced!

So those are my five essential summer beauty products, what are yours?


Shopping Links

Shiny lip gloss

Maybelline makeup
$20 – nelly.com

$8.68 – asos.com

The body shop

Nail polish
$4.58 – superdrug.com

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